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Spellbreak Chapter 2 Released: Dominion and Ranked Leagues Are Here




Cody Perez
in General | Apr, 13th 2021

Spellbreak is one of the most unique battle royale games in the genre, and it is further growing this season with the release of Spellbreak Chapter 2. The new season of content is here for players to enjoy with two new game modes, general changes to the map, and so much more. 

Spellbreak Chapter 2 Is Here: Dominion

Spellbreak Chapter 2 is known as the Fracture and continues the lore-driven battle royale title with only its second season thus far on PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. As a still relatively new game in the space since its full release last year, Spellbreak is growing and has a massive season this time around. 

This is the biggest update ever for the game, and it is available right now by the time you are reading this on all of the available platforms. The new Spellbreak Chapter 2 patch begins with the brand new competitive game mode that is out now for the battle royale title. 

Though it is known for battle royale, it has become known for its fast-paced, magic-based gameplay that works well for other multiplayer experiences, too. The first new game mode that has come out for this new season is known as Dominion. 

Dominion is a brand new objective-based five-on-five game mode. It is similar to Clash in that it is meant to offer something other than battle royale for fans of Spellbreak. Maybe you are a fan of the gameplay, but not the royale-style or want a break sometimes. Dominion might be for you.

In this game mode, five teams will try to battle over control of three different zones on the map. It is similar to Domination and the other similar point capture modes that you will find in other online multiplayer titles, like Call of Duty and so on. 

When you have taken control of a point or more, you will rack up points towards your team’s overall score. If you can reach the required amount of points by the end of the match first, your team will be the victors. However, there are some catches here compared to the normal battle royale mode. 

For one, there are no treasure chests here for you to find as you are not on the entire battle royale map. Also, you’ll need to defeat the other players and the NPC enemies to earn the potions and scrolls and charge up your Boon Gem.

Doing that will allow you to visit the merchant to get better gear and do better in the Dominion match. There will be four unique multiplayer maps used for this new game mode, known as Halcyon, Hymnwood, Bogmore, and Dustpool, so be sure to memorize their locations. 

Unfortunately, the release of Dominion does mean that Spellbreak is vaulting Clash for the time being. If you miss that particular non-battle royale mode, be sure to let the developers know, and perhaps it could return in the next chapter or something like that. 

Ranked Leagues Explained

The other new game mode in this new Spellbreak Chapter 2 season is the release of the leagues. This is the game’s version of the ranked modes that you will find in other multiplayer titles. It is a seasonal ranking system, similar in style to that of Apex Legends and Fortnite

With each new season that comes to the magical game, players will be competing in matches to rise through the increasingly challenging league divisions. If you do well in a match, like eliminating players, capturing and defending zones, dealing damage, and so on, you will gain accolades. 

These accolades will reward you with crowns to help you rank up to the next tier in the league. Once you have completed 10 tiers in a particular league, you will move to the next division. There are six leagues in total for players to progress through each season, and they are the bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and legendary leagues. 

As such, there are around 60 total tiers that you will need to go through if you would like to reach the very top of the Spellbreak competitive scene. It might sound confusing but think of the crowns as the points system of sorts used to rise and fall through the ranks. 

That’s right, like other games, you can go up and down through the tiers depending on how you do. Once you reach the gold league, those matches will cost some crowns to join. You risk losing crowns if you do poorly in the match or don’t make enough crowns to make up the price difference. 

Lose too many crowns, and you could find yourself in a situation where you are dropped to the tier you just came from. Fortunately, Spellbreak is a bit more forgiving than some games, having milestones reached every five tiers where you are locked from falling below that particular tier. 

At the end of the season, you will be rewarded with titles and badges according to the final tier you were able to reach. Once the next season starts, the tiers will be reset, and you will restart your climb through the ranks to potentially the diamond and, hopefully, even legendary leagues. 

Resurrection and Battle Royale Changes

With the start of Spellbreak Chapter 2 comes the opportunity to learn more about the lore, including how the Fracture came about and the evil Vowguard invasion. This means that 12 weeks of new story and honor quests will give you a better idea of everything. 

When it comes to the battle royale game mode in general, there is a huge change in the final circle. This location will not be completely random any longer but choose randomly from a selection of hand-picked endgame locations, similar to how Clash worked. 

Another new feature is the resurrection option in matches. You can now resurrect your fallen teammates when you are moving into the next circle of a match, but you need to know some restrictions and key points about doing this. 

To resurrect someone, move into the new circle and then use the correct button to bring them back. You will have to hold the button down for 12 seconds, which can be a lot of time, so be sure to find yourself a good place to hide and do this. 

This does not include the teammates who have been downed, so they will need to be exiled before you can resurrect them this way. While the players will retain their talent levels after they come back into the game, they will not keep their inventory in general. 

Instead, they will come back with their common class gauntlet. You will need to find the rest of the items you need to do well in a match on your own once again. Regardless, this is a great move that fixes an issue players had with not getting back into a match. 

Gameplay Balance

There are some other gameplay and balancing changes that are here in Spellbreak Chapter 2. Though there are respawns now, it also means that there is an increased time to exile someone from five seconds to now 6.5 seconds in total. 

Meanwhile, the downed orb timer has been reduced to 60 seconds from the 90 seconds before. So, players won’t be able to play hide and seek like they were before in matches. Furthermore, the storm will now deal more damage early on in the initial rounds. 

The later circles will remain the same, but the earlier rounds will deal more damage when you are in the storm. The first storm, for instance, will damage two per tick instead of just one, then four until the next one, then eight, 16, 20, and, lastly, 32. 

The overall gravity in matches has been reduced by 25%, making the game considerably less bouncy than before. But this does not affect the shockwave, Springstep, Featherwave, and Bedrock fall speeds. Wind surge will no longer have the 35% gravity reduction on it to counteract this. 

When it comes to spells, the cast speed for all spells and sorceries, other than lightning bolt and wind shear, has been increased by 18% to make things feel much quicker and smoother—the drop recovery animation from falling from a portal or respawn increased to only one second. 

When it comes to runes, there are some major changes, especially when it comes to allowing a player to escape a fight super easily. The Featherfall cooldown increased by two seconds, the Chronomaster one is four seconds shorter, and the teleport is two seconds shorter. 

The flight duration for that rune reduced to 3.5 seconds, Shadowstep invisibility duration is one second, and Springstep no longer maintains speed through levitation. 

Classes and Gauntlet Changes

When it comes to talents, classes, and the like, there are some huge changes here. Talents now cost between one and four points, which is up from the three-point max we had before, players have seven total points now, and there are now seven talents per category instead of just six. 

There are changes to the gauntlets, too, especially when it comes to the more rare ones to make them feel more interesting and viable. For instance, the lightning bolt gauntlet has increased damage for better rarities, the mana cost is strictly nine across the board, the cooldown changes now, and the lightning strike is more powerful upon hitting. 

Ice Lance has been nerfed some to only have 24-48 points of possible damage now, depending on how long you charge it for. The Flash Freeze cooldown is now varied across the board. Frozen Alacrity will now give you 150% faster acceleration on ice trails and immunity to frozen and slow. 

When it comes to the flame gauntlet, the fireball damage increased for the latter rarities. The mana cost is 17 for everything, cooldown is varied, and the damage from lingering flames and flaming tornadoes increased to 18 damage per second. 

The stone gauntlet is similar to the other ones in that it has increased damage for the rare ones, the same general mana cost, varied cooldowns, and 30-50 max damage based on distance traveled. But the Boulderfall animation takes longer now to complete. 

When it comes to the wind gauntlet, damage slightly increased for rarer varieties, the mana cost is the same now, cooldown is varied, and the cast speed for wind shear increased by 15%. Squall will also no longer grant bonuses while in the air but is now triggered based on Updraft or Wind Surge. 

And last but not least, the toxic gauntlet has increased damage for rarer ones, the mana cost is all the same, and the cooldown is varied. Damage from toxified items increased to 18 damage per second, and the ignited clouds do up to three ticks of 16 damage every 0.33 second. 

There is a lot to cover in the Spellbreak Chapter 2 release, as this new content season is massive. We mainly covered the main new content, but there is so more to be found, like bugs and so on. Be sure to check out the full patch notes here if you want more information. 

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Leona Heidern cuts into the King of Fighters XV lineup




As many fans predicted, The SIlent Soldier Leona Heidern is joining the King of Fighters XV roster, bringing her combat-centric personality to the ring. 

She was featured in the original announcement trailer for the game, so it was only a matter of time before she was shown cutting away at the competition. Despite this, she is technically the 20th fighter joining the game’s roster. 

Leona is an explosive and direct fighter that mixes fast motions with her claw-like form, which allows her to optimize her slashing-style that pairs well with her acrobatic movements. 

Many of her moves involve coating her attacks or body parts with a blade-like aura. This lets her pierce her opponents with her strikes, and even extend the blades to her energy attacks, such as with her Cutting Ball. 

Since Leona was not shown to have a team, we might be seeing the return of the Ikari Warriors in the near future. That would mean both Ralf Jones and Clark Still will be joining the roster, unless SNK decides to really shake things up with some of Leona’s normal supporting cast.

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The 6 best VALORANT Agents to use for Replication game mode




VALORANT’s Patch 2.09 dropped yesterday with a bunch of minor balance changes and map tweaks. Though competitive players may need to spend a decent amount of time to see if anything in the meta has changed, a new limited-time game mode will be available for fans to enjoy.

In the Replication game mode, teams will get to play with a single agent. When a Replication match begins, you’ll be able to vote on an agent. Once the agent is selected, all of the members of your team will play as the chosen character.

If you’re already having evil thoughts about perma-flashing your enemies, Riot may be one step ahead of you on that one since the developer also included a “flashguard” to help VALORANT players maintain their eye health.

The Replication game mode will only be available for two weeks, and these are the agents that you should try playing in the mode before it rotates out.


Image via Riot Games

When you know the enemy team is rushing through a corridor, there won’t be enough grenades in the world to cut them off. That may not be an issue at all, if you have a team of Razes, however.

A full Raze team can open the door to a world of opportunities both in terms of defense and offense. You can try flying into a bomb-site with Raze’s Blast Packs or set your Boom Bots toward the same direction for a robot uprising.

Paint Shells, on the other hand, can be a nightmare to deal with for your opponents. Throwing a couple of them from different directions to corner the enemy team can be enough to secure around by itself. When you all have your ultimates available, you may as well queue up the song Boom Boom Pow by The Black Eyed Peas. 


Image via Riot Games

In most VALORANT games, the information flow within a team is often the deciding factor between securing a round or going bust. The level of communication can increase drastically if you’re a team of Cyphers.

With carefully placed Spycams around the map, you can have eyes on almost anywhere important on the map. Trapwires will work wonderfully to secure objectives, and once all Cyphers start using their ultimates, your enemies will have nowhere to hide on the map.


Image via Riot Games

No matter the map or the composition you’re running, Omen can always be a crucial part of any lineup. Considering the number of mobility tools he has, dealing with him can prove itself to be a difficult task.

While one decent Omen is already a trouble for most teams, dealing with five of them can make anyone dizzy. As five Omens, you can surround the enemy team from all angles, but it can also be a double-edged sword. If you get separated around the map, you can also get picked off one by one, which is never good.


Image via Riot Games.

Having less space to work with while you’re covering a site can make it impossible to withstand enemy fire. Once you block an exit, you can just expect your enemies to show up from the other side.

With a team of Vipers you can lay down multiple Toxic Screen and trap your opponents in a box. To stay one step ahead of your opponents, you may want to get up-to-date with all the smoke and wall locations for Viper.


Image via Riot Games

Brimstone has multiple abilities that make him a great pick for the Replication game mode. It’s his ultimate that lets him really shine, however, and your enemies will need to think not twice but thrice after you occupy a bombsite with multiple Orbital Strikes.

Aside from his ultimate, Incendiary will also be another great tool that can make it relatively easier to defend our push hotspots on any map.


Image via Riot Games

If you liked the idea of starting a robot uprising with Raze, you might also want to give it a try with Killjoy as well. Killjoy is equipped with multiple automated tools that make her one of the best agents to try out in the Replication mode.

Setting up multiple Alarmbots and Turrets at the same time can be quite difficult to deal with for your opponents, and you’ll be able to get creating with all the extra Lockdown charges on your team.

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Renekton, Scorched Earth skin now available on Wild Rift




The latest champion to join the Wild Rift as part of Patch 2.2c is none other than the butcher of the sands, Renekton.

Now available to purchase in-game, Renekton offers players a powerful yet simple champion for their top lane needs. Those who are familiar with the champion from League of Legends will have no trouble picking up Renekton in Wild Rift as his kit is mostly unchanged between the games.

Alongside the champion, you can also score yourself the Scorched Earth skin to spice up Renekton’s appearance on the Rift. Introduced in patch 2.2b, Renekton is one of four champions that can partake in nemesis duels and this can occur when he comes face to face with Nasus during a match.

There is criteria that must be met for this unique battle feature to occur and you can check those out on Riot’s website. The champion who emerges victorious in combat will score themselves a buff for the rest of the game.

Later in Patch 2.2c, you can expect to see plenty of new skins added including a selection from the Blood Moon range, and a new Pride event on May 24. A full list of everything including in this latest update can be found here.

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Konami reveals 2021 Lost Art Promotion, includes second run of Dark Magician Girl




Over the last several weeks, Konami has slowly been revealing all of the new promotional cards that will be featured at Official Tournament Stores for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG for upcoming physical releases. 

Now, the Lost Art Promotion list has been fully detailed and will include a second run of the special Lost Art variant of Dark Magician Girl from last year, along with 11 other cards. 

These Lost Art promos will be handed out at participating OTS stores when customers purchase $30 or more in sealed Yu-Gi-Oh! product. These packs will be refreshed and released in the middle of every month and will only be available while supplies last. 

Many of these cards will be released with artwork that has never been officially released outside of the OCG. Here are the confirmed cards that will be featured in this promotion. 

  • Dark Magician Girl
    • Will return to promo packs later this year
  • Raging Eria
  • Blazing Hiita
  • VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon
  • Vampire Vamp
  • Celestia, Lightsworn Angel

The remaining cards will be revealed later this year, so it is likely that the Dark Magician Girl promo will run at some point during the late Summer months. You can reach out to your local OTS locations for more details on the promotion and if they will be participating in it.

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