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SmartKargo Incorporates EDIfly Advanced Aviation Messaging At No Cost…


“SmartKargo is pleased to provide the advanced benefits of EDIfly SM messaging at no cost to customers of our e-commerce solution.” – Milind Tavshikar, CEO, SmartKargo

SmartKargo has now embedded EDIfly into its end-to-end e-commerce solution to support free encrypted messaging for its airline clients. Air Asia Cargo, a cornerstone customer of SmartKargo, recently implemented the EDI-messaging solution with its ground handling partners in Indonesia. Air Asia is the leading low-cost carrier in Asia and a leading integrated logistics provider facilitating the movement of goods and e-commerce packages, through its Teleport cargo subsidiary, across Southeast Asia and beyond.

The EDIfly messaging platform is the signature tool of Luxembourg-based Innovative Software. Innovative Software SARL recently joined the IATA EPIC Platform and has now added logistics.cloud to support encrypted connectivity options through its low-cost EDIfly messaging technology based on open-source components. The platforms are facilitating exchanges for a growing number of partners in ground handling and warehouse management, airline trucking, forwarding, logistics, cargo community systems, or even some governments.

“EDIfly enables our airline customers like Air Asia to securely exchange operational messages with their logistics partners, which is so vital in the fulfillment of e-commerce transactions,” said Milind Tavshikar, CEO of SmartKargo. “SmartKargo is pleased to provide the advanced benefits of EDIfly SM messaging at no cost to customers of our e-commerce solution.”

The implementation of EDIfly is simple for SmartKargo’s customers of SmartKargo’s platform, as EDIfly relies on the same addresses already in use by legacy aviation messaging providers such as SITA, ARINC, Cargo-Community-Systems, and others. EDIfly SM also adds value to these exchanges with instant proof of delivery through a digital signature. This means comprehensive process control for business partners and a secured exchange not available with other traditional means, including email.

“In addition to the significant cost reduction over alternative messaging methods, EDIfly provides Air Asia with the utmost in data security for our messaging, and it is based on IATA standards,” said Javed Malik, title, AirAsia.

SmartKargo’s customers now benefit from complete tracking without the volume-related pricing typically incurred. EDIfly is the only solution today that can be GDPR and PCI/DSS compliant with certifiable encryption end-to-end, including into the application of the customer.

“EDIfly uniquely allows seamless integration and allows for self-administration capabilities,” said Ingo Röessler, Chief Commercial Officer at EDIfly. “In addition, the messaging provides full transparency on performance and message delivery, and guarantees the delivery order through end-to-end sequencing of messages.”

For more information, please visit http://www.smartkargo.com or http://www.edifly.com.

About SmartKargo

SmartKargo delivers advanced digital technology to facilitate the efficient digital transformation of an airline’s cargo business. With deep expertise in air cargo, technology, and e-commerce, SmartKargo empowers airlines to open new revenue streams through e-commerce package shipping and delivery, as recently featured in Forbes. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts (in what The New York Times called “the most innovative square mile on the planet”), with key offices in India, the Philippines, Brazil, and Canada. Learn more at http://www.smartkargo.com or on our social media at Linkedin, Twitter, or Instagram.

About EDIfly

EDIfly, a product of Innovative Software SARL, provides innovative software for seamless integrated messaging in aviation and logistics since 2010. The company provides banking-like data security, superior rule-based message routing + monitoring based on IATA standards. EDIfly uses standard RSA/AES encryption and obtains a real-time non-repudiation proof-of-delivery from the receiving address. Innovative Software SARL has partnered with industry initiatives including IATA EPIC and logistics.cloud to support low-cost connectivity options through its EDIfly messaging technology based on open-source components. EDIfly promotes seamless migration away from legacy and fixed-link connectivity using the existing addressing Type B, Type X, Cargo: XML, PIMA schema, etc., while supporting high-level encryption to exchanges without applications changes. For more information contact http://www.edifly.com.

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