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Shifting the discussion surrounding cyber security

Prominent UK technology provider, Softcat, have given their view on why the C-suite and IT need to align when it comes to cyber security. Published by way of Fluent, Softcat’s dynamic new IT thought leadership platform, the article looks at the subject from a new angle.

For the most part, articles concerning cyber security are almost always written from the viewpoint of the cyber security team and Softcat are highlighting that to do so is to not get the full picture. As a result, Adam Louca, Chief Technologist Security, wrote this article with the goal of positively shifting the focus.

Louca explains his thinking saying, “I think it’s time to change the way we speak about cyber security”. And continues, “Boards are informed they need to continue investing in the next whizbang solution, be scared of the latest attack vector, or face the wrath of a nation state threat actor. What about if we imagine we are no longer IT professionals but have transitioned into the role of a member of the leadership team?”

Further into the article he poses the question of what a more balanced exchange of information would look like and how it might transform the response of the C-suite to the overall benefit of the business.

To read Louca’s perspective in full, you can access the article on Fluent – in addition to the wider collection of thought leadership pieces that share Softcat’s views on technological developments throughout the industry.

Fluent focuses on wide variety of key themes, which include:

Cyber security first aid

Aligning the C-suite with IT
Datacentre operations post-COVID-19

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Leveraging forced changes in the healthcare market

Secure access service edge

Predicting the workplace of tomorrow

Digital transformation outlook

Managing teams remotely

About Softcat

Softcat is one of the UK’s leading providers of technology solutions and services and an FTSE 250 listed company. They are passionate about outstanding employee satisfaction and world-class customer service – both of which inspire their flexible, friendly approach to business.

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Softcat provides organisations with workplace, datacentre, networking and security solutions combined with all the services required to design, deliver and support these on premise or in the cloud.

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