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Servicon Adopts Four Industry Innovations, Helping to Elevate the…

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Since we are living through a modern-day pandemic, Servicon recognized the changing landscape and the need to pivot to battle unknown pathogens.

Servicon, a leading custodial and infection-prevention services provider, announced today the adoption of four industry innovations – technologies that are vital for commercial cleaning – to increase productivity, protect worker health, make businesses more sustainable and reduce client cost.

“Since we are living through a modern-day pandemic, Servicon recognized the changing landscape and the need to pivot to battle unknown pathogens,” said Servicon President and CEO Laurie Sewell. “This placed a spotlight on the necessity to innovate and keep abreast of the latest technological equipment, chemistries and best practices, while looking into the crystal ball of the IoT and new software platforms.”

Servicon has equipped its commercial cleaning services teams with the following new technologies, which have been proven to meet stringent criteria and client-satisfaction goals:

The Square Scrub Pivot orbital floor machine cleans, scrubs, polishes and strips floors efficiently and effectively, either dry or with water—using no harsh chemicals. The machine works on all types of flooring—from wood and tile to LTV and concrete. The pivoting head allows for increased maneuverability, and its uniform weight distribution handles uneven floors and deep cleans the grout between tiles. The machine’s light weight and ergonomic features, such as handle height and angle adjustment, make it popular with workers.

A smaller version of the Square Scrub, the Doodle Scrub floor cleaning and preparation machine, gets in small areas where larger machines can’t, including corners and edges, storage areas, work stations and behind toilets. Despite the Doodle Scrub’s small stature and light weight (21 pounds), it delivers the same pounds per square inch of power as the full-size Square Scrub. A favorite feature of the Doodle is its ability to “flip.” While other mops splatter the sideboards, requiring workers to go back and clean them by hand, the Doodle’s ability to clean sideways easily handles the cleanup, increasing productivity, lowering labor costs and decreasing workers’ need to bend.

The i-mop floor scrubber is a sweeper mop and wet/dry vacuum all in one. It reduces labor time by 70% compared with wet mopping and 30% compared with traditional auto scrubbing. Better still, ATP test research has shown the i-mop’s twin counter-rotating brushes produce 90% cleaner surfaces compared to conventional mopping. The machine’s sleek design enables it to clean right up to edges, while its flat profile can glide under furniture and other obstacles, virtually eliminating manual cleaning of these areas.

The Protexus by EvaClean is a cordless, lightweight electrostatic sprayer that provides 360-degree, touchless electrostatic cleaning, disinfecting, or sanitizing. The Protexus uses disinfecting tablets and water, which it charges on site to produce a more sustainable formula. This provides up to the highest level of hospital-grade disinfection without messy mixing.

Servicon’s service, equipment, product use and processes are backed by science. Thanks to its partnership with The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS), it has access to a network of leading epidemiologists and other top infection prevention scientists. Servicon’s Innovation Council researches emerging technologies to ensure the company adopts only those that produce superior results, enhanced efficiencies for clients, and greater ease-of-use for workers.

About Servicon

At Servicon, we are dedicated to providing exemplary environmental, custodial, and maintenance services for complex facilities throughout California. We partner with our clients to define, measure, and validate goals and always strive to do the right thing by our clients, people, and community. Women-owned and operated, we work and live by our vision of elevating the cleaning industry through integrity, leadership, and innovation. We employ more than 1,600 workers throughout the state of California. For more information, visit

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