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Sales Enablement Content: Get Sales, Marketing and Data Aligned for Massive Impact

Sales and marketing teams need to be aligned to great content that closes more deals for their business.

In this blog post, we will discuss how creating and distributing great sales enablement content will improve conversion rates and generate more revenue. This includes tips on generating ideas for great content, creating a plan of action, distributing the content via email or social media channels, engaging with prospects through social media channels, optimizing the website landing page experience for conversions, and measuring results.

Generating Ideas for Great Sales Content

It’s important to have both sales and marketing in the room when generating ideas.
Sales can tell marketing what they need, and marketing can confirm, deny or create to the best of their ability.

By having the sales and marketing teams work together, they will be able to identify gaps and figure out how to solve the problems that need to be solved in order to create the desired industry-leading sales content.

Types of Sales Content

Case Studies

Case studies on overall sales, team efficiency, output, and an overall positive effect that can be directly attributed to your service or software are excellent. Don’t rely on only one vertical like “only” sales – talk about ALL the positive benefits that can be quantified with data.

Other Great Sales Content Ideas

  • Infographics
  • Video testimonials
  • First 90 days of action plans

All of the above are great pieces of sales content that can be used to close more deals and bigger deals.

Creating a Plan of Action

Creating great sales content at scale is not an easy task. After the ideas are generated, it’s best to put together a timeline or Gantt chart to have a single source of truth for all parties:

Article topics

  • Case study topics
  • Who has the knowledge to put together the outline
  • Who can put together the key stats
  • Who is going to polish the outline and stats and turn the data into content, etc.

These are the issues that need to be worked out and applied to a timeline working backward from the go-live date. These are complex pieces of content that will require a lot of energy (but provide a significant impact)

Distributing Content

Typically when large companies are running sales enablement programs, teams are in sync and it’s easy to pull up just-in-time content at the perfect stage of the deal.

But if companies are not running a sales enablement platform to manage the sales enablement content, distributing content may be less effective.

Sales enablement platforms utilize AI to correlate leading indicator activities to sales outcomes that clearly illustrate what sales content to use at what time.

If there is no sales enablement initiative, then the content may be delivered in different ways:

  • kickoff call
  • follow up call
  • distributed online
  • via email signup
  • social media channels

Top of funnel and bottom of funnel-specific content engineered to utilize the data gathered from artificial intelligence insights will always provide an edge, but teams working together can do a pretty good job manually.

Engaging with Prospects

Getting feedback from the people you are selling to is the best way to enable sales via content. User feedback tools Qualaroo can help you gather feedback at scale with ease.

Ask them directly:

  • On a scale of 1-10 – did this content fulfill your search intent?
  • Does this content show you the data you need to make a confident decision?
  • If not – what data do we need to add?

Customers are just people at their jobs doing the best they can. Just like you. Building relationships with your customers and allowing them to speak candidly

Feedback via Deal Room Software

Nowadays, sales enablement software also comes with an awesome feature called Deal Rooms. Sales and marketing teams can both enter deals into this platform, collaborate on deals in real-time, distribute content to prospects at the perfect time, and receive feedback. The best part is – all of this data is tracked and ready to be used in a meaningful way.

Deal rooms are incredibly powerful and are a new way forward vs. the old ways of simply optimizing the website landing page experience for conversions blindly and measuring results.

Overall – sales content is a massive part of the sales process that often gets overlooked. Whether it’s top of funnel, mid-funnel, or bottom of funnel content, having great sales content is akin to an excellent sharp knife for a chef or all the necessary tools laid out in a clean, organized fashion for a mechanic.

Sales enablement content provides sales teams with what they need to perform, but most importantly, make a bigger impact and generate more revenue in the same eight-hour day. Without great sales content, your team is unknowingly sabotaging itself.

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