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Riot possibly teases new ‘gloomy’ yordle champion in latest ‘Rise of the Sentinels’ lore video


In Riot Games’ latest video surrounding League of Legends’ new Sentinels of Light event, the developers might have given fans a sneak peek at the third new champion that’s slated to release during the Viego storyline event.

Back in January, lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles teased the League fan base by saying that there would be three new champions connected to the overarching Viego storyline and his ascent to power in Runeterra with the Black Mist. One was an AP-based top laner that ended up being Gwen, the next is a new marksman that was recently revealed to be Akshan, and the third is a “gloomy” yordle mage.

Riot possibly teases new ‘gloomy’ yordle champion in latest ‘Rise of the Sentinels’ lore video
Screengrab via Riot Games

At the end of the “Rise of the Sentinels” lore video where Akshan quickly explains the situation around Viego’s uprising, the final image shown has a collection of champions standing together. There, we see Olaf fighting a horde of undead, Riven standing with a chain around her hand, a dragon who’s assumed to be Ruined Shyvana, Draven, and an unknown character.

The character doesn’t look like any existing champions in the game and they’re clearly a yordle. As a result, there’s plenty of speculation that this is the upcoming yordle mage that’s set to release during the Ruination storyline.

The mage was actually supposed to release after Gwen, but her release was delayed because Riot “needed a bit more time in development as we needed to create some new tech to visually sell her source of power.” She’s also moved away from the artillery mage role and has now been shifted into a more classic style of mage.

Riot said she’ll play an important role in the lore of Runeterra and in the narrative of this ongoing battle between the Sentinels and the Ruination. We still don’t know, however, when she’ll be ready to hit Summoner’s Rift to join the fight for the light.

The Sentinels of Light event begins on Thursday, July 8 with the launch of League Patch 11.14.

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Source: https://dotesports.com/league-of-legends/news/riot-possibly-teases-new-gloomy-yordle-champion-in-latest-rise-of-the-sentinels-lore-video

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