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Reporting the Japan Inspired NFT Portal (JINP), a NFT workmanship brand addressing the blend of Japan’s customary and present day societies.


[JINP: Background and the Future]

NFT exchange values have filled quickly in 2021 and the deal cost of computerized work of art is moving toward the worth of actual art.

In light of these circumstances, the JINP project was sent off fully intent on turning into a brand that will draw in craftsmanship darlings by sharing “traditional x modern Japanese culture” with the world. Our vision is to remix the conventional with present day culture to protect them for the future through blockchain technology.

Each of the JINP deliveries will highlight a 4-character kanji compound, with a progression of works made in view of this theme.

4-character kanji compounds are colloquial expressions made out of 4 back to back kanji characters.

In the main series, named “JUU-NIN-TO-IRO” 10 artists will make NFTs to communicate customary Japanese colors.

In the subsequent stage, we intend to foster a NFT craftsmanship ” ON-KO-CHI-SHIN “, which depends on a conventional Japanese work by incredibly famous picture taker “RK”.

In the future, JINP plans to foster NFTs that express the mix of “Traditional x modern Japanese culture” utilizing 4-character kanji compounds.

In expansion, through cooperation with bunch organizations, different business extensions are arranged, for example, the offering types of assistance by using state of the art 3DCG innovation to make huge scope structures, design things, glass jars, and people.

[1st Series:JUU-NIN-TO-IRO]

“JUU-NIN-TO-IRO” implies “everyone has their ideas and tastes” – – or in a real sense, “ten people have ten different ideas or tastes.”

Inspired by the significance of this expression, JINP this time will foster a NFT series themed “washoku,” which is characterized as Japanese customary color.

Each “washoku” variety has a remarkable name that communicates a season or a type of mind-set or taste in

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