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Relic Breaker Krevla Shadowlands: Everything You Need to Know


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Relic Breaker Krevla, on her island in Korthia

Relic Breaker Krevla, on her island in Korthia / Activision Blizzard and Wowpedia

Relic Breaker Krevla in Shadowlands is a rare mob that dwells in Korthia, added in the newest patch to release, Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination.

Relic Breaker Krevla is located on one of the primary floating islands west of Korthia’s mainland.

To access this rare, you will need to complete the quest Bone Tools, a main storyline quest for the Chains of Domination campaign. Completing Bone Tools rewards the players with a hookshot, similar to the hookshot we saw in the Legion zone, Stormheim.

You can also just wait out Relic Breaker Krevla’s arrival, as eventually she will fly to the mainland of Korthia if she isn’t slain on her island.

Slaying Relic Breaker Krevla awards the player 80 points of reputation with our girl Ve’nari, around 50 Stygia, and a huge chunk of 300 points of threat to The Eye of the Jailer debuff. You can rid yourself of the pesky Eye of the Jailer debuff by completing the campaign quest Focusing the Eye.

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