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Rekkles to Rejoin Fnatic According to Reports


According to LEC Wooloo, the king of European bot laners is returning home. Rekkles will no longer be teamless as it looks like he will be signing with Fnatic. This news will certainly be welcome for many Fnatic fans as well as Rekkles as he had to play in the ERL all of 2022 on KCorp. Here is what this means for the team and Rekkles.

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The Tweet is shown below.

As a quick reminder, this has not been confirmed by the player or either team. That being said, Wooloo is generally very on point and rarely misses when actually putting something out.

There is likely not a player more synonymous with Fnatic than Rekkles. Between 2014 and 2020, Rekkles was a part of one of the most iconic LEC franchises for six and a half years. There was a small split where he took off but was basically the mainstay player on the team.

This would be the fourth separate time that Fnatic have signed Rekkles as they did briefly in 2012 as well.

He was solid in the ERLs but no one was seeing him hit the highs that he did during his prime with Fnatic. This made many question whether he would find another LEC team that was willing to bring him on.

With Fnatic striking out on other options, it feels like they decided to go with comfort by signing Rekkles. He will not only be a familiar face to many fans but will also be a player that they know exactly what to expect from him.

The 26 year-old will certainly be happy to be home if this rumor proves true as well. He will want redemption after what was a MVP year on G2 and a weird gap year for a player who was once considered one of the best bot laners in the world.

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