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PS5 becomes Sony’s fastest-selling console in UK

PS5 becomes Sony’s fastest-selling console in UK

The PlayStation 5 surpassed one million units sold in the U.K. 39 weeks after its launch, GamesIndustry reported today. This makes the PS5 the fastest-selling PlayStation console in U.K. history.

Sony’s previous console, the PS4, reached one million systems sold in 42 weeks, which means the PS5 hit that number three weeks ahead of its predecessor. The PS4 was still ahead in sales until July, according to official stat provider GfK—probably because of the PS5’s limited availability.

Over 151,500 consoles were sold in the U.K. during the month of August, according to data from GfK. Roughly 1.4 million systems were sold in the U.K. over this entire year, which is one-third higher than game console sales from 2020. And after more stock became available, the PS5 dominated the market.

The PS5 was the top-selling console in August in the U.K. market, followed by the Xbox Series X and S. Sony also has both the DualSense White controller as first in accessories sales and the PS4 DualShock just behind that device.

In July, Sony said the PS5 surpassed 10 million units sold worldwide—and it’s still continuing to break records.

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