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Powered by Solana, Helios App Brings the Web3 Party to Music Streaming


Helios – a new app making waves in the Web3 music streaming space – has recently announced its integration with the Solana network. This integration will bring enterprise-grade security, speed and scalability to Helios users who can already download the app to their Apple and Android devices, and also via Solana Mobile dApp store.

The project, currently in its first public beta release and free to use, was built to usher in a new dawn for Web3 music streaming. Helios wants to redefine how artists and content consumers interact within the digital economy. This includes real-world use cases such as novel digital experiences, seamless user rewards, the free minting of NFTs, and more, all of which will be underpinned by the growth- and UX-focused Solana blockchain.

Ryder Havdale, CEO, Helios

For years, blockchain technology has been praised as a cure-all to the shortcomings of centralized platforms. From security issues to the loss of control and monetization of personal data and content, centralized platforms have been long overdue for an overhaul. Blockchain tech, with its decentralization, high throughput networks, low operational costs, low barriers to entry and unlimited options for data self-ownership and monetization, can address those issues. However, implementing solutions has proven to be a tough nut to crack.

From finance and education to transportation and telecoms, many notable blockchain-based platforms and apps have been developed to bring business to the user-owned and controlled world of Web3. But many of them are plagued by the same issues faced by the centralized platforms they try to replace. High costs, unfair distribution of revenue and value, loss of control and restrictions on ownership are some examples of how today’s best-in-class Web3 blockchain platforms have failed their users.

With Helios, premium users can earn rewards in the form of the HIO token (post-beta) for their likes, comments, and shares, as well as music streams, and the platform will help connect artists and fans via user-generated content, commercial releases, and paywalls for exclusive content. Users will also be able to mint NFTs on the platform. This will create a wide range of opportunities and use cases, from loyalty programs and merchandising to selling tickets and providing exclusive access to experiences.

In terms of technical capabilities, with the Solana network, Helios can guarantee low fees, fast transaction times, and high scalability, since Solana boasts transaction speeds of almost 2,500 tps, over 1,500 validator nodes, 0% net carbon impact, and almost 300 billion total transactions completed. 

The team at Helios says it is trying to reshape how artists are compensated for their work while guaranteeing equitable compensation for content creators. The platform is in the process of ingesting a vast catalog from well-known and recognized industry giants – something that has not been seen by the market today. This will help provide artists with an equitable share of the revenue generated by their music, with greatly increased earnings per stream that redefine the industry standard. Built on a foundation of differentiation and disruption, Helios will feature built-in value-generating tools and opportunities for artist empowerment.

With these unique offerings, Helios wants to appeal to a broader audience while attracting the investment capital needed to grow and expand the platform’s reach and capabilities. With an unwavering commitment to delivering quality content with fair compensation for artists and creations, Helios aims to become one of the  top players in the world of decentralized entertainment.

As a testament to that goal, Helios has announced that their airdrop can now be farmed from within their native app, and feedback from the community on X (formerly Twitter) has been strong. It’s still the early innings, but Helios is a highly promising project that has shown incredible potential and should be on the radar of anyone working in the music, streaming, content creation, and/or entertainment spaces.


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