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Polish startup Envirly secures €1.3 million to strengthen its position in the ESG market | EU-Startups


Lublin-based Envirly, a rapidly growing tech company specializing in ESG management, announced the €1.3 million seed round. Among the investors are BNP Paribas Bank Poland and the investment fund Tangent Line Ventures, along with the previous investor Aligo VC and 4 Business Angels. This round marks one of the largest seed investments in ESG compliance products in Central and Eastern Europe.

“We are extremely pleased with the trust shown by investors and our clients. Our goal is to support organizations in their green transformation, bringing both economic and ecological benefits,” said Mateusz Masiak, CEO of Envirly.

Collaboration with BNP Paribas Bank as an investor and strategic partner significantly enhances Envirly’s credibility in the market, emphasizing the role of the financial sector in achieving sustainable development.

Jarosław Rot, Executive Director of Sustainable Development Area, BNP Paribas Bank Poland, commented: “Measuring and reducing carbon footprint is not only our duty to the environment and future generations but also a business necessity. Regulatory actions taken in recent years to reduce CO2 emissions make it an increasingly common obligation for companies. It translates into business competitiveness, further development, facilitates financing, and affects the image of enterprises. Until recently, this applied only to the largest companies, but soon it will become a necessity for smaller ones as well if they do not want to fall out of supply chains. Therefore, we perceive Envirly, which enables even companies unfamiliar with the process to easily calculate their carbon footprint, as an initiative with a huge future potential. As the Bank for a changing world, we are happy to support its development.”

Founded in 2020, Envirly provides an innovative SaaS solution that supports organizations in ESG and carbon footprint management, offering assistance in sustainable development and carbon footprint reporting compliance. Envirly responds to upcoming regulations such as CSRD, CSDD, CBAM, SFRD, or Taxonomy. The platform enables the aggregation of non-financial data and automation of reporting, supporting companies in decarbonization and green transformation.

Monika Borowiecka, Tangent Line Ventures, added: “As the lead investor in Envirly’s latest financing round, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support the company in its mission to become a regional leader in ESG reporting. Envirly has tremendous potential to scale regionally and globally. Our investment is not just financial support; it is a strategic move that will allow Envirly to aggressively expand its operations and capture new markets. We are confident that our commitment will accelerate Envirly’s growth, strengthening their position as a leader in the ESG industry. We believe that our support will help Envirly further develop its advanced solutions, crucial for companies striving for sustainable development and transparency.”

Łukasz Mańkowski, Aligo VC, also added: “As an investor who has previously been involved in Envirly’s development, I am delighted to have the opportunity to support the company in its next growth stage. Seeing how Envirly strengthens its position as a leader in ESG reporting and carbon footprint management, I am convinced that our continued investment will contribute to further development and innovation in this crucial industry for the future. It’s inspiring that we can be part of this green transformation, supporting Envirly in shaping a sustainable future for all of us.”

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