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Pokemon UNITE Roster: Full List of Characters Guide


Pokemon UNITE Roster: Full List of Characters Guide

Pokemon UNITE Roster: Full List of Characters Guide / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Pokemon UNITE’s roster includes a list of fans’ favorite Pokemon and formidable battle contenders. Featuring Pokemon from different Generations, Pokemon UNITE includes Pokemon with special skills and advantages.

Pokemon UNITE is a battle brawl game that features five-on-five team fights. This game will be released in summer 2021 and will include cross-platform playing.

Here’s a list of all the Pokemon available in Pokemon UNITE:

Players in Pokemon UNITE will be able to choose these Pokemon based on their specific advantages and stats for the battlefield.

For example, Pikachu is regarded as an attack Pokemon that can hit enemies from far distances. Unfortunately, this Electric-type Pokemon lacks endurance and mobility in Pokemon UNITE.

There are also Pokemon known as “all-rounders” on Pokemon UNITE’s website, which include Pokemon that have high offense and endurance stats. Lucario is regarded as a well-rounded Pokemon with sufficient speed and attacking stats.

However, if you’re interested in choosing a Pokemon with high defending advantages, you should select Crustle, Slowbro, or Snorlax.

Players can also choose supporting Pokemon, which are known for healing abilities and releasing status conditions. The best supporting Pokemon are Mr. Mime, Wigglytuff, and Eldegoss.

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