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Pokemon UNITE Release Date: When is it?


Pokemon UNITE Release Date: When is it?

Pokemon UNITE Release Date: When is it? / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Pokemon UNITE’s release date will occur in Summer 2021, but its availability on mobile devices will be released in the fall. Featuring a five-on-five team battle brawl, this game lets players select popular Pokemon and utilize them during Unite Battles.

Pokemon UNITE will be released on the Nintendo Switch in July 2021. However, mobile device players will have to wait until September 2021 for Pokemon UNITE’s mobile game release.

Set on Aeos Island, players will be able to fight in various Unite Battle tournaments. The goals of the game include scoring high points for a limited time while battling against an opposing team.

Pokemon UNITE’s special features consist of Aeos energy, which lets fans evolve Pokemon during Unite Battles, as well as Battle Passes, which are in-game rewards that can be earned through finishing tasks.

Pokemon UNITE fans can also select Pokemon based on their particular stats and purpose on the team. For example, Pikachu has high attack stats and can be utilized for long distance attacks, while Snorlax can be selected for a strong defense.

Read more about choosing the right Pokemon for your UNITE Battle team here.

Players will also be able to customize their trainers and Pokemon, utilizing a Holowear which transforms Aeos energy into clothing items.

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