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Pokemon GO What Lies Beneath the Mask Research Guide


Photo by Niantic

It’s spooky season in Pokemon GO, and Yamask is one of the featured Pokemon this time around. Here’s a guide to completing it’s special research story: “What Lies Beneath the Mask?”

Yamask is a Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Black and White, with its Galarian variant debuting in Sword and Shield. Considered to be one of the spookiest monsters in the series, not much is known about this Pokemon, though the Professor’s research could explain the mystery behind these strange masks. All while the player earns some neat rewards along the way, of course.

The following list are the missions for this event and their rewards:

Page 1 – Rewards Yamask, 4,000 XP, and 9x Nanab Berries

Page 2- Rewards Galarian Yamask, 4,000 XP, and 9x Razz Berries

Page 3 – Rewards Galarian Yamask, 4,000 XP, and 9x Pinap Berries

Page 4 – Rewards 13 Yamask Candy and 4,900 Stardust

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Players should complete these missions as quickly as possible to gather as many Yamask candies as possible, as both Runerigus and Cofagrigus are some good Ghost-types that players should have on their teams. 

“What Lies Beneath the Mask” is now available for players to take on in Pokemon GO.

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