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Pokemon GO Slowbro Kanto vs. Galar: Which is Better?


Pokemon GO Slowbro Kanto vs. Galar: Which is Better?

Image courtesy of The Pokémon Company

We’ll be comparing the Kanto and Galar versions of Slowpoke’s evolved state, Slowbro, in Pokémon GO.

This lovable and dizzy creature, Slowbro, first appeared as a Gen I Pokémon. Evolving from Slowpoke, it is one of the forms that the pink, hippo-like Pokémon can take with the other being Slowking. The creature received a new Galarian form in Pokémon: Sword and Shield, Galarian Slowpoke, when exposed to a Galarica Cuff. Since then, this regional variation has been made available in Pokémon GO.

There are a few differences between Slowbro’s Kantonian and Galarian form, so which one is better?

Slowbro’s Kanto and Galarian versions share slightly different stats:

Kanto Slowbro

Galar Slowbro

While Galar Slowbro has a higher maximum attack power, it features a significant drop in defense compared to Kanto Slowbro. Coupled with a lower CP, the Galarian version doesn’t quite stack up to its Kanto counterpart on stats alone. To get draw a full comparison, though, we need to consider their different typings.

Kantonian Slowbro Type

The Kanto version of Slowbro is a dual water and psychic-type. This form is resistant to fighting, steel, fire, water, psychic, and ice-types but has a weakness against bug, ghost, grass, electric, and dark-types. It’s type effectiveness is fairly well-rounded, though, and is a good suit for the fair majority of encounters. Its fast attacks include Water Gun and Confusion, whilst its charge attacks consist of Water Pulse, Psychic, and Ice Beam.

Galarian Slowbro Type

The Galar version of Slowbro is a dual poison and psychic-type. This form is resistant to fighting, poison, grass, and fairy-types making it a good counter to some of the game’s more common opponents. Galar Slowbro is weak against ground, ghost, and dark-types and has a noticeable lack of effectiveness against fire-types compared to the Kanto version. Its fast attacks are Confusion and Poison Jab, while its charged attacks include Psychic, Sludge Bomb, and Focus Blast.

While the two region variants are reasonably similar, it’s clear that they each serve different purposes in battle. The Galarian version, with its higher attack power, will likely be more of a damage dealer at the cost of a lower defense stat. The Kanto Slowbro, while possessing a higher defense score but less attack power, wins on the type-effectiveness front.

Going off of these points, the Kanto version might serve you better out in the field. But, depending on your intended use of each Slowbro, the Galarian version is still a strong pick. Of course, we have to give a nod here to the Galarian region’s design; this version features some neat purple accents on its head, hands, and tail. In this version, players are able to see the Slowbro’s tail, with the attached Shellder moving off of the appendage and onto its left arm instead.

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