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Pokemon: Bidoof’s Big Stand Animation Premieres Tomorrow

Pokemon Bidoof's Big Stand cover

The Pokemon: Bidoof’s Big Stand animation will premiere on YouTube tomorrow and a new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer is now available in English.
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Pokemon: Bidoof's Big Stand Animation Premieres Tomorrow

The Pokemon: Bidoof’s Big Stand animation will premiere on YouTube tomorrow and a new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer is now available in English.

The Pokemon Company has a lot of cool stuff in the works. The next big game is Pokemon Legends: Arceus, an RPG-style Pokemon game that was first revealed back in May 2021. Since then, we’ve learned that this upcoming game will be similar to Monster Hunter and that it will feature “Noble Pokemon” and “Alpha Pokemon.”

Of course, this multi-billion dollar franchise has more than just one thing going on and it’s made a somewhat strange announcement: the adorably weird Bidoof is getting its own animation tomorrow.

What is Pokemon: Bidoof’s Big Stand?

As Pokemon Blog reports, Pokemon: Bidoof’s Big Stand is a new animation centering on the meme-worthy Pokemon. Here’s what we know about this upcoming short based on its YouTube description:

A bumbling Bidoof with a tendency to bite off more than it can chew finds itself between a rock and a hard place as it embarks on a journey to find its place in the world.

When is the Pokemon: Bidoof’s Big Stand Release Date?

The Pokemon: Bidoof’s Big Stand release date is Tuesday, January 11, 2021, at 11:00 AM Eastern Time. You’ll be able to watch it for free on YouTube.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Gets New Trailer

Pokemon: Bidoof’s Big Stand aside, we’ve also got a new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer.

The new Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer shows off a bit of gameplay and details the world. While it certainly looks interesting, the small amount of footage we’ve seen has caused concern in its comments. Specifically, players are worried about the graphics and whether or not there will be enough content in this upcoming open-world game.

You’ll be able to play Pokemon Legends: Arceus when it launches later this month on January 28, 2021; you can pre-purchase the game digitally on the Nintendo eShop or pre-order the physical version on Amazon for $59.99 or your regional equivalent. Whether or not you get this new game, you’ll be able to check out Pokemon: Bidoof’s Big Stand when it launches on YouTube tomorrow morning.

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Pokemon: Bidoof's Big Stand Animation Premieres Tomorrow

Do you think Pokemon: Bidoof’s Big Stand will be good? Which Pokemon would you like to see get its own animation? Let us know in the comments below!


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