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POET sampling O-band LightBar product in September


9 June 2021

POET Technologies Inc of Toronto, Ontario, Canada — a designer and developer of integrated optical engines, based on the POET Optical Interposer, for the optical communications, computing and sensing markets — says that samples of its O-band LightBar product will be available beginning in September.

POET LightBar products address the need for remote, aligned light sources to power datacom transceivers, co-packaging of electronics and photonics in applications such data-center switch architectures, optical computing and various sensing devices. In data processing, a remote light source offers the benefit of more effective control of heat generated from lasers. Remote light sources also facilitate the field replacement of lasers that are more susceptible to failure than other components. In sensing and computing, remote light sources function as a key element, in which the close interaction of photonic and electronic components operate together in a miniaturized, self-contained system.

A family of fully customizable LightBar products in the O-band (1270-1330nm) includes a base platform of 4-12 channels, with high-power continuous-wave (CW) distributed feedback (DFB) lasers passively aligned to the waveguides on the Optical Interposer platform. Each lane will provide up to 17dBm of optical output power, equivalent to 50mW per channel, over an operating temperature range of 0-70°C. Channel spacing and output pitch are customizable according to customer requirements. A variety of wavelength multiplexing options can also be specified by the customer based on their requirements.

LightBar products incorporate all of the intrinsic features of the POET Optical Interposer, including integrated spot-size converters that minimize coupling losses and increase the power efficiency of lasers.

Live demonstrations of POET’s products are being conducted during the virtual Exhibition at the Optical Networking and Communication event (OFC 2021) on 7–11 June.

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Visit: www.ofcconference.org

Visit: www.poet-technologies.com

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