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Plunder, Clash and Payload Modes Removed in Warzone Oct. 21 Update

Call of Duty
For those looking to level up weapons in Plunder, it seems this just simply isn't the week to do it.

For those looking to level up weapons in Plunder, it seems this just simply isn’t the week to do it. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Those logging into Warzone this week will notice that three staple playlists as of late will be unavailable — Plunder, Clash and Payload.

With The Haunting Event running at full throttle, some of the more core casual Warzone playlists have been shelved with The Ghosts of Verdansk mode taking center stage. While Raven Software and Activision prioritize their special holiday content, it seems some players simply aren’t in the mood to get spooked.

The latest Warzone playlist update for the week of Oct. 21 is now live to shake things up once again in Verdansk ’84 and Rebirth Island for The Haunting event.

As officially announced on Twitter by Raven Software on Oct. 22, Warzone has swapped around the party sizes for Rebirth Island’s Scopes & Scatterguns and Resurgence playlists, as well as re-added Iron Trial ’84, but tabled Plunder, Clash and Payload seemingly to make room for the new The Ghosts of Verdansk LTM.

Unfortunately, it is admittedly a bit of a “damned if you do, damn if you don’t” situation for the Warzone devs.

If they didn’t go all-out with The Haunting seasonal event, then the community would be disappointed simple and plain. However, going too far in that direction can make some players wish things were just back to normal.

From Warzone to Fortnite and Valorant, when games rotate out some of their more beloved LTMs, ultimately, it’s not surprising to hear them receive short-term backlash from those in the community.

For those who simply want some of the more core casual Warzone modes to return in order to have the ability to mainly grind or level up weapons, Plunder Trios will be back with the Oct. 28 playlist update. The return dates for Clash and Payload have yet to be announced.

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