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Playbase.GG offers a fast and easy way to enter the esports industry

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Esports is a rapidly expanding industry, with all sorts of individuals or organizations looking to create, execute, or host events. In order to get those platforms up and running, however, most parties will need to work for months or years to complete development. Another unfortunate option is to pay extremely high prices to expedite the process. 

In response to the demand for a cost-effective and instant solution to esports platform hosting, Playbase.GG is stepping in to provide an option that won’t break the bank, will be up and running swiftly, and enable groups to consistently engage with their community. 

As a product, Playbase.GG fills an open void in the esports industry, giving customers a way to venture into owning and operating an esports platform with an instantly delivered, fully closed ecosystem. This means using Playbase.GG as their software provider will allow brands to retain their audience more easily, organize events, and much more. 

In 2020, the developers at Ragebite, a studio with more than five years of experience in the esports industry working with companies like Twitch and Logitech, started developing Playbase.GG as a way to bypass industry standards. This meant working on a way for customers to avoid needing to pay high costs or wait years for development on potentially time-sensitive or smaller esport platforms. 

The platform actually launched in an exclusive MVP early access phase on Nov. 10 after months of communicating regarding its development roadmap, offering early access to a limited number of paying customers. The goal of 30 customers was reached within just eight days.

Today, Playbase.GG is in open beta for anyone to try, with monthly subscriptions starting at $99, which gives customers access to all of the tools they need to organize leagues, build a community, and grow their brand on an entirely custom domain. This is all done internally at Playbase.GG, meaning there are no external developers, servers to worry about upkeep, or other hassles that could bog down your operation. 

As development on Playbase.GG continues, the tools and overall product offered to customers will continue to expand. New features, integrations, and other advancements will be added to the lineup of offerings, including the ability to host entire tournaments.

To learn more about Playbase.GG and its custom-enterprise solutions, you can visit the platform’s official website or join the growing community on Discord to discuss your platform and get building. 

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