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Perks of the job: Marketing employees have the most money spent on them in perks per year

Employees in the marketing industry have the most money spent on them through perks per year, according to a new study1 by Cartwright and Butler.

To uncover which industries are the most giving, it has been revealed that marketing professionals have an average of £1,179.56 spent per person per year. This is followed by financial/professional service employees (£1,091.60 p/y) and construction workers (£967.39 p/y). The industry with the least money spent on workers is the third sector, at just £332.62 per year.

A full breakdown of the industries and amount spent on employees can be found below:

Industry Average benefits/perks cost per year
Marketing £1,179.56
Financial services/professional services £1,091.60
Construction £967.39
Technology £920.48
Real estate £822.23
Media £753.59
Government £747.60
Health Services £744.18
Public sector £606.76
Manufacturing £576.91
Legal £540.50
Food/drink/tobacco £514.69
Transport £507.45
Agriculture £486.86
Education £445.18
Retail £439.70
Hospitality £423.86
Utilities £359.48
Third sector £332.62

Looking at the perks workers get across the UK, overall flexible working hours (28%) is the most popular, followed by employee discounts (24%) and free food and drink (20%). Interestingly, over one in 10 (11%) get office holidays, whilst 9% have a free gym membership.

With employees returning to the office, and normality resuming for many, it’s never been more important to reward employees for their performance, to ensure they feel valued as Gemma Barton, Head of Marketing at Cartwright and Butler, explains:

“Work perks help to recruit and retain top employees, boost morale, and improve culture. They’re essential for a thriving workplace. By offering perks it shows employees that they’re appreciated and their commitment to a business is recognised. It’s been a tough year for us all and working life will take a lot of getting used to, especially for those that have been on furlough, so rewarding them with something as a little thank you will go a long way.”

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