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Part of Abandoned Script Reportedly Leaks Online and It’s… Something



Abandoned, the controversial game by Blue Box Studios is seemingly set in a futuristic era where a bioweapon crawls into the entire world using a cutting-edge chipset through computers.

Honestly, we have almost no information on Abandoned so far. The only thing we know about is the fact that it is a first-person horror game, but we don’t even know the source of that horror.

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The game’s controversial announcement and marketing in the past few years have already divided fans into two groups: Some believe this is only a front for a big project such as a Silent Hill entry, while some others say it’s only a trick to attract people into this indie project.

Either way, people love to know more about this mysterious project and based on a recent leak, we might have some worthy details about Abandoned before its full announcement.

Abandoned – Announcement Teaser



Abandoned – Announcement Teaser





The New Leak Reveals That the Story of Abandoned Circles Around a Cutting-Edge Bio Weapon

Reddit user, leabandonedleek, recently shared a screenshot from a story script, as well as a motion-capture animation, and an in-game screenshot, claiming that they are all related to Abandoned.

While it was hard to believe these leaks to be related to Blue Box’s upcoming title, Shpeshal Nick, the trust-worthy insider known for their Xbox leaks, confirmed that these leaks are all true and have been taken from Abandoned.

While the motion-capture video and the in-game screenshot don’t reveal much about the game, the script shares some important information about the story.

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As we can understand from the script, it apparently depicts a meeting between some high-profile people, and one of them is introducing Zero Cell as a powerful bioweapon inside an AI simulation that grows in power as more people in the world use certain electronic devices and computers.

As the script reveals, the foundation of Zero Cell goes all the way back to 1974 in the US, where a team of scientists was working on a computer program as a simple project, but then it turned into a bioweapon project that eliminates humans by their biggest weakness, which is fear.

Thanks to this information, we now have an understanding of Abandoned’s world, and more importantly, we have a clue about the source of the horror we are going to experience in this game.

Now, despite getting approval from a credible leaker, we still suggest you take this information with a grain of salt as Abandoned has proved to be an unusual and unpredictable game.

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