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Parliamentarians’ call for a fossil fuel free future

As nationally elected representatives serving millions of people across multiple countries, communities, continents, and reflecting a range of political visions, we come together to speak with one voice and alert our fellow representatives and partners in government of the need for deeper and far-reaching cooperation and ambition on our global approach to fossil fuels. 

The scientific consensus is clear that human activities are primarily responsible for global climate change, and that the climate crisis now represents one of the gravest threats to human civilisation and nature.

Changes to the world’s climate are already being felt. These changes have led to devastating consequences and pose grave risk to people’s lives, homes, livelihoods and many of our cultural traditions. Climate impacts exacerbate the spread of disease, threaten our existing patterns of food production, endanger key infrastructure, and will push millions more people into poverty, hunger, and displacement.

The burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil, and gas – is the source of 80% of carbon dioxide emissions since the industrial revolution. In addition to being the leading source of emissions, fossil fuel systems have left billions of people without sufficient energy to lead lives of dignity due to the high cost of electricity and fuel and prioritisation of profit over delivery of service. Continue reading

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