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Nintendo Won’t Allow Streaming Services Like xCloud on Switch, Analyst Says

Industry analyst David Gibson says Nintendo doesn’t want other streaming services on Switch.

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Regardless of cloud streaming’s viability as a global platforming and the infrastructure for it right now, there’s no doubt that streaming tech is only going to continue to grow and become more important as time goes on. Major players like Microsoft, Amazon, and Sony are all taking steps toward that future, and though Nintendo’s focus still remains on its hardware and software pipelines, they haven’t been ignoring the cloud entirely. The likes of Control, Hitman 3, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Resident Evil 7, for instance, have all been released for the Switch in parts of the world as cloud-exclusive releases.

So does that mean that Nintendo is open to bringing more streaming services to its platform? Nintendo and Microsoft clearly like doing business with each other (and reports have suggested that the two will be announcing something together later this year), so does this mean there’s a chance Microsoft’s xCloud eventually makes its way over to the Switch?

Well, not according to industry analyst David Gibson. Taking recently to Twitter, Gibson said that though xCloud on the Switch would make a lot of sense, he has been told directly by Nintendo that they are not going to be putting other streaming services like xCloud on the Switch. Whether that’s something they’re willing to change their minds on down the road remains to be seen, but it seems that’s their firm position right now.

Microsoft has been looking to expand its reach to various platforms, with Game Pass and xCloud both being central to that expansion, so one would imagine that getting those services on platforms with large install bases – like the Switch – would be something they would want. Whether Nintendo agrees to that or not is what’s going to matter, however- here’s hoping we eventually see the day that ends up happening.

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