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Nine benefits of e-cigarettes

Nine benefits of e-cigarettes

1. Safer than smoking

The Royal Society of Medicine in the United Kingdom, the Public Health Services (PHE) in the United Kingdom, and the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in the United States recognize that e-cigarettes are safer than smoking. According to PHE, e-cigarettes are “at least 95% less harmful”. E-cigarettes do not burn, so they do not emit smoke. Smoke produces tar and carbon monoxide, which are responsible for most of the long-term health hazards of smoking. The health benefits of quitting smoking are improved lung and heart function, as well as improved sense of smell and taste. Vaping is considered safer than smoking and has the potential to lead to the end of traditional tobacco.

2. No harmful odor

The biggest advantage of e-cigarettes is that you and your clothes, homes and cars don’t smell like cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes also have a scent, but they are far from the smell of cigarettes and cigarette butts. In fact, even cigarette-flavored e-cigarettes do not smell like burning cigarettes. For many, the smell of water vapor is barely noticeable.

3. You can control your nicotine intake

E-cigarettes allow you to freely control your nicotine intake. There are many types of e-liquids, from nicotine-free to high-concentration ones. You can choose the exact amount of nicotine, or you can use no nicotine at all. Many vapors tend to use high levels of nicotine initially and then gradually reduce or not use nicotine altogether.

4. You can control the amount of water vapor

Vape allows you to control the amount of water vapor that is exhaled. Some vapors prefer smaller devices like pod vapors, which are convenient and have less water vapor, while others prefer high power mods for cloud chasing. By adjusting the output, airflow, and coil type, the amount of water vapor can be further fine-tuned, which also affects the taste. You can smoke secretly, you can smoke flashy, or you can smoke as you like.

5. You can choose the flavor to your liking

e-Liquid has almost endless flavor options. Typical flavor categories include fruits, desserts, coffee, mint, menthol and tobacco. If you don’t like what’s on the market, you can also make your own e-cigarette liquid.

6. Immediately satisfied

Advanced e-cigarettes may need to be modified first, but many simple products are packed for immediate use. Either way, you can suck immediately by pressing a button or drawing to your device (some are automatic draws). All e-cigarettes require a charged battery and e-liquid, but the average e-cigarette requires no maintenance and can be used all day long.

7. A wallet-friendly price range

The e-cigarette market is large and highly competitive. We have products in all price ranges, from hundreds to tens of thousands of yen, and are suitable for most users. Whether it’s a simple disposable e-cigarette, a sophisticated e-cigarette mod or a premium e-liquid, there are e-cigarettes available today.

8. No special experience required

Sure, you can have a hobby of collecting e-cigarette gear and learning how to make your own coils, but even beginners can quickly have a great e-cigarette experience. There are many high quality e-cigarette products with or without experience, such as starter kits for beginners and simple pod vapors.

9. Easy to access

Nowadays, you can also find good e-cigarette products in e-cigarette shops, convenience stores and smoke shops. In addition, some online e-cigarette shops will deliver e-cigarette products to the front door of your home.

You choose

E-cigarettes are successful because they can take nicotine and have a smoking-like experience, but no combustibles that can kill you. You are the one to choose.

Source: Plato Data Intelligence

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