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NieR Replicant (2021): How To Fish For Weapon Upgrades & Gold

Fishing might seem like something you can skip in NieR Replicant — most of the time, you’ll only get worthless stuff that’s only good for selling. And even then, the only times you’ll want to fish are to complete certain side-quests. Not all fishing spots are equal, and there are certain fish (and upgrades) you can find with the right bait. We’re going to break down the best fishing spots and methods below.

NieR Replicant is an upgraded version of NieR on PS4, Xbox One, and PC that adds cut content and enhances the visuals completely, making one of the weirdest action-RPGs ever made a lot easier for new players to experience. This game was made to subvert every standard RPG trope — the story is pretty out there. But the fishing? That’s normal. And here’s how you can earn lots of cash or get weapon upgrades out of the deal.

Fishing Guide | How To Earn Money & Weapon Upgrades

Fishing is a side-activity you can do from specific fishing spots. Each fishing spot has different types of fish, and by using different lures (purchased at vendors or found while fishing) you’re more likely to catch certain types of fish.

  • How To Make Gold With Fishing
    • You can make (4,000) Gold each from Royal Fish.
    • Royal Fish are found at the Eastern Road fishing spot.
    • Use Earthworms as bait.

You can also catch Sandfish, Sharks, Black Bass or Blue Marlins for 1,200-2,500~ gold. The most valuable fish is the Dunkleosteus, but that is so rare there’s no point trying to farm it. If you do manage to get one, you can sell it for a huge 12,500 gold.

Weapon Upgrades | Where To Find Them

By using certain bait and fishing in the right spot, you can also get weapon upgrade materials for some of the most powerful weapons in the game — Iron Will, Blade of Treachery, and the Iron Pipe.

  • How To Fish Weapon Upgrades
    • Go to Northern Plains / Desert fishing spots to find Rusty Buckets or Rusted Clumps.
    • Use Carp or Sardines as bait to improve your chances.

You need a little patience, but that’s the best way to get what you need. It’s also the only way to fully upgrade all three weapons — which isn’t required for the best ending, but it is nice if you’re liking those weapons for the long-haul.

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