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NICKMERCS Names the MAC-10 the Best Warzone Season 6 SMG

Call of Duty

NICKMERCS Names the MAC-10 the Best Warzone Season 6 SMG

Content creator star NICKMERCS has been back for about a week now from his near two-month hiatus from Warzone and with the launch of Season 6 just in the rear view, the controller god wasted no time in figuring out what his go-to SMG will be at least for the foreseeable future.

Breaking it all down in a recent YouTube video titled, “The Only SMG You Should Use in Season 6,” NICKMERCS showcased just how after all this time, his trusty MAC-10 continues to have his back.

As covered in our Warzone Season 6 SMG Tier List, the MAC-10 is one of the few Modern Warfare guns still representing its title well in the battle royale meta. An extremely consistent, high-fire rate SMG, it’s no surprise that NICKMERCS continues to do well with it despite newer contenders having been added to the game over the months.

Although NICKMERCS opts for the “Regal Sword” Legendary Weapon Blueprint, its mainly for some extra pizazz. Overall, the build he uses is pretty much the same meta build that most go for with the weapon.

Along with the MAC-10, NICKMERCS also used another longtime staple in Warzone — the Grau 5.56. Together the MAC-10 and the Grau 5.56 are a superb loadout as they have you covered at all ranges with little-to-no recoil.

For more on Warzone, feel free to check out our Season 6 Assault Rifle Tier List.

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