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New World Weaving Guide, tips, and tricks


New World Weaving Guide, tips, and tricks

One of the foundational materials of any crafting trade skill in New World is cloth, made up of Fibers collected from Hemp plants found throughout all of Aeternum.

Hemp can be harvested at any Harvesting level, and can mostly be found in grassland areas, but also appear in forests. There’s a step between Harvesting and crafting various pieces of armor, tools, and weapons, however, and that’s called Weaving.

Here’s a simple guide to Weaving in New World.

Basics of Weaving in New World

Weaving is the refining of Fibers into various forms of cloth. From the start of the game, you can craft Linen from Hemp Fibers, at a rate of four Fibers per piece of Linen. After collecting Fibers from Hemp, take them to the Loom at any settlement, and refine them into Linen. Once you reach level 50 of Weaving, you’ll be able to make the next highest cloth, Sateen. This costs four pieces of Linen and one Crossweave, which is a Cloth Weave refining material obtained from supply containers in Landmarks.

Here are all the different pieces of cloth you can weave in New World, including its Weaving level requirement and the needed materials.

  • Linen – Level 0: 4 Fibers
  • Sateen – Level 50: 4 Linen and 1 Cloth Weave
  • Silk – Level 100: 6 Silk Threads, 2 Sateen, and 1 Cloth Weave
  • Infused Silk – Level 150: 8 Wirefiber, 2 Silk, and 1 Cloth Weave
  • Phoenixweave – Level 200: 5 Infused Silk, 1 Scalecloth, 1 Blisterweave, 1 Wireweave

Players will be able to collect higher levels of Cloth Weaves later on, like Silkweave and Wireweave.

If your goal is to level up Weaving as quickly as possible without boosting other trade skills, then try to craft your Linen exclusively into Sateen.

Tips and tricks

Make use of New World resource tracking websites to quickly find hotspots for Hemp, like the Primrose grasslands area around Fisherman’s Bend and the Hermit Shrine in Windsward.

The only reason to hang on to Fiber is to use it in town board quests that give you a work order that requires raw materials. If you don’t care about those, however, craft Fibers into Linen right away. Make sure to save all your collected refining materials in your storage shed.

From a trade skill perspective, you should focus your territory standing upgrades on resource gathering speed, storage space, and crafting cost reduction. Storage space can be one of the most beneficial upgrades across the board in the long run, though.

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