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New World Trading Post Bug: Can It Be Fixed?

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Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

Amazon Games’ New World instantly became a hit upon release even though the player count has dropped of late. Some roadblocks have emerged to make players’ experiences just a bit more difficult.

Like any new game, New World isn’t exempt from its share of bugs, and one is quite literally robbing players blind. Here’s everything we know about the New World trading post bug and if it can be fixed:

The New World trading post bug is an issue where players don’t receive the item/gold from any trading post sell/buy orders that were completed while offline.

Unfortunately. a New World Community Manage announced there is currently no fix for the bug. Though, Amazon Games is working hard to correct the issue and players need not worry about anything lost to the bug.

New World Trading Post Bug: Can it Be Fixed?

A New World trading post bug is robbing players of their gold and items while they’re offline / Photo courtesy of Amazon Games

The New World’s official statement also said: “We are currently testing a fix for this and will be deploying it as soon as we are confident. Players who encounter this issue WILL receive their missing gold/items when the fix goes live. At this time, this may block you from transferring servers.”

Amazon Games didn’t give any timeline for when players can expect a fix, they want to ensure the fix i is one the development team feels “confident” in. Until Amazon Games announces that the issue has been resolved players will have to cope with their lost items and/or gold and avoid the trading post.

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For now all players can do is actively monitor New World’s Known Issues List and their Weekly Update Bug Megathread to figure out when the trading post is running normally again.

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