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New World players are seemingly reporting others to gain an advantage in War


New World players are seemingly reporting others to gain an advantage in War

Since New World launched at the end of September, players have been encountering issues stemming from the game’s reporting system. But since PvP gameplay has amped up with companies contesting for land, this reporting issue has begun to cause major problems.

Players have shared stories claiming that integral members of their companies have been banned after being reported by enemies right before they were scheduled for War, according to a report from PC Gamer.

If this is true, it is giving companies a way to manipulate their opponents teams heading into War providing an unfair advantage.

According to one Reddit poster, prior to a War, their company had 50 of their 100 members receive 24-hour bans. “This is absolutely ridiculous, what now? We have to give up our hard-fought territory because everyone can press report a couple of times? This is crazy we need a fix ASAP,” they wrote.

The Reddit post wasn’t isolated and echoed the sentiment of a poster to the official New World forum from three days ago, who claimed similarly that top players were being banned on the day they were supposed to take part.

Another New World forum user compiled all the information available regarding this “auto-banning” problem that has plagued not only high-level players but streamers too.

Amazon Game Studios has yet to address this issue plaguing the game. But with the spotlight on the problem over the past 24 hours, hopefully, they’ll make some adjustments to the reporting system soon to remedy the issue.

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Source: https://dotesports.com/mmo/news/new-world-players-are-seemingly-reporting-others-to-gain-an-advantage-in-war

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