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New World Jewelcrafting Guide: tips and tricks


New World Jewelcrafting Guide: tips and tricks

In life, a fine piece of jewelry gives an outfit just a little bit extra something. In New World, jewelry isn’t just an accessory to fashion: it can give you extra buffs and benefits that give you an edge in combat.

At the Stonecutting table, players can craft cut gemstones that fit into any piece of gear with an empty gem socket. What gemstones you cut, and where you put them, determines what effect or bonus is applied. However, you can only wear many pieces of gear you can wear at once, meaning you’ll eventually max out on available open gem sockets.

So, you can bring your cut gemstones over to the Outfitting station, and craft them into pieces of jewelry like amulets, rings, and earrings. Over time, the jewelry you can craft will become more powerful and valuable, provided you keep track of all the necessary materials.

For those looking to dominate the Aeternum jewelry industry, here’s a helpful guide to Jewelcrafting in New World.

Resources/other trade skills to focus on

Your main gathering skill to focus on is definitely going to be Mining. This is where you’ll find the rare uncut gemstones that you’ll need to refine at the Stonecutting table, turning them into cut gemstones to slot into jewelry. You’ll also need Silver to craft the ingots, chains, settings, and bands you’ll need for the final product.

Keeping up on Harvesting is important solely for the purposes of being able to gather Motes from magical plants, which you’ll need for cut gemstones. You can also get Motes from the Alchemy Stones. Magical plants will be your easiest source of Motes, though. Not only are they more abundant, but they’re also gatherable at Harvesting level 30 and trackable at level 45.

What should I craft?

Your first pieces of jewelry will depend on what gemstones you find and cut first. At Jewelcrafting level zero, you can create Flawed Amulets using a Cut Flawed gemstone and 10 Silver ingots worth of other crafting materials. Each of these Flawed Amulets will earn you around 192 Jewelcrafting skill points.

Once you reach Jewelcrafting level 50, you can start creating unflawed amulets, as well as rings. These require the same amount of silver, but a higher-level quality of cut gemstone. You can also start using gold in place of silver to give your finished product a higher quality.

Other tips and tricks

Use the plethora of resource tracking maps to find large sources of iron and silver, rather than waste your time randomly drifting through the highlands looking for it.

Your biggest priority when Mining will be to collect the gemstones, so anything you can do to increase that drop rate is a must. This includes cooking and eating meals that increase your Luck when Mining, or acquiring pieces of gear (specifically your pickaxe) that increase the gemstone drop rate. Anything with the Mining Luck perk will accomplish this, and the Trading Post can help you find armor that increases the chance of finding rare items if you’re looking to get geared up quickly.

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