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New World Arcana leveling guide

The Arcane Repository is your primary source of magic items and potions in New World. At this station, you will have the ability to create magical weapons like Ice Gauntlets, Fire Staves, and Life Staves, as well as mana, health, and resistance potions.

Doing so will increase your Arcana skill, but requires a large variety of different raw and refined materials. Here’s a full guide on leveling up the Arcana skill in New World.

Collecting Motes and reagents

These resources are the foundation of virtually every Arcana crafting recipe you will come across. Motes are elemental Arcana reagents, found in alchemy stones, magical plants, and creatures around all of Aeternum. A level 50 Mining skill is needed to mine alchemy stones, while only a level 30 Harvesting skill is needed to harvest magical plants. No level is needed to harvest magical creatures, but they provide the least amount of Motes.

Reagents are resources gathered from different types of plants, fungi, and even ore veins (not including the ore itself). Most reagents belong to one or more different categories of reagents, here are some of those categories:

  • Medicinal reagents: Hyssop, Glowing Mushroom Cap, Lifebloom Stem
  • Offensive reagents: Blightroot Stem, Dragonglory Stem, Tendrilspine Fibers
  • Magical reagents: Briar Buds, Bumbleblossom, Soulsprout Stem
  • Protective reagents: Petalcap, Twistcap Spiral, Rivercress Stem
  • Air reagents, Fire reagents, Water reagents, Earth reagents

With a healthy amount of Motes and reagents gathered, you can head to the Arcane Repository and start crafting.

What to craft at the Arcane Repository

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If you’re just working with your Arcana materials, there are a handful of potions you can craft right away. Weak health and mana potions can be made with tier one reagents and water, and after a couple of levels, you can make common health, mana, regen, and focus potions with tier two reagents.

A few levels later, you can make common weapon coatings specific to enemy types with tier-two reagents, some basic elemental reagents, and oil. Oil is gatherable with Mining level 20 and is plentiful in Weaver’s Fen.

Some of the most valuable Arcana items from a skill level reward standpoint are the staves and Ice Gauntlets. Here’s the basic recipe for each of the three magical items:

  • Fire Staff: Metal ingots, wood, Fire Motes
  • Life Staff: Metal ingots, refined leather, Life Motes
  • Ice Gauntlet: Metal ingots, refined leather, Water Motes.

You can create higher-quality versions of each items with higher-tier metals as those recipes become available. Higher-tier leather and Motes will also increase the potential gear score of any of the items you craft.

If you need tier-three elemental Motes known as Wisps, you can craft them at the Arcane Repository at level 25 Arcana, at a cost of five Motes per Wisp.

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