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New Logistyx Technologies Survey: More Than Half of Online Shoppers…

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Logistyx Technologies

With online purchasing increasing exponentially since the start of the pandemic last year, we have seen an increased willingness among shoppers to buy from other countries.

Over half of online shoppers¹ (55 percent) around the world reveal they are open to the idea of buying gifts for Christmas, New Year, and other holidays from other countries, a new survey finds. However, nearly half of those questioned (48 percent)² are concerned that cross-border gift purchases will not arrive in time.

The research, commissioned by Logistyx Technologies, the leader in strategic parcel shipping and fulfillment technology, asked 2,035 online shoppers in the U.K., Australia, Germany, and the U.S. about their attitudes toward purchasing gifts for Christmas, New Year, and other holidays from other countries. It also examined which shipping-related factors would make them more confident to purchase gifts from abroad.

The survey highlights that price, the uniqueness of a product and seasonal promotions all play a role in why online shoppers would consider ordering gifts from abroad. Seventy-one percent of respondents agree or strongly agree that the price of a product would be a factor that would have an impact on whether they buy Christmas gifts from a company based in another country. Sixty-nine percent said the same for the uniqueness of the product and 60 percent pointed to holiday sales and promotions offered by the e-commerce site.

However, there are some clear messages about the shipping and delivery related factors that influence cross-border gift buying. Among the key considerations is the ability to easily track the order online, with 69 percent of respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing this would impact their gift purchasing decision (see table below).

Sixty-nine percent of respondents also agree or strongly agree that the estimated delivery time would be a factor in a cross-border gift purchase and the same percentage (69 percent) highlighted simply having an easy returns process would impact their decision.

Being clear and upfront about delivery costs and any additional payable taxes or duties also has a strong influence, something that particularly impacts purchases to and from the U.K. and the EU after Brexit but is applicable worldwide. Sixty-six percent of the sample either agree or strongly agree that delivery charges would impact their decision to purchase a Christmas gift from a company based abroad and 61 percent said the same about additional duties or taxes on cross-border gift purchases.

What influences online shoppers’ cross-border holiday purchases?

To what extent do you agree that these factors would impact your decision to make a Christmas/holiday gift purchase from a company in another country?    

  • Ability to easily track the order online – 69%
  • Easy returns processes – 69%
  • Estimated delivery time – 69%
  • Delivery charges – 66%
  • Additional duties or taxes on cross border purchases – 61%


“With online purchasing increasing exponentially since the start of the pandemic last year, we have seen an increased willingness among shoppers to buy from other countries. However, for retailers and direct-to-consumer companies to realize the true potential of overseas gift sales during the festive shopping season, there are some clear issues to address. Ensuring they have reliable online tracking of shipments, dependable estimated delivery times, clear policies on returns as well as transparency regarding delivery costs and potential additional charges can all help to open up the potential to grow sales from other parts of the world during peak,” said Logistyx CEO Geoffrey Finlay.

For more holiday data insights from the Logistyx survey, visit

About the survey

Logistyx Technologies commissioned international market research consultancy Censuswide to conduct an online survey of 2,035 online shoppers (512 in the U.K., 500 in the U.S., 507 in Australia and 516 in Germany). The survey was conducted in August 2021.

¹Respondents were asked if they were Very likely, Likely, Neither likely nor Unlikely, Unlikely, or Very unlikely to ever consider making an online purchase of a variety of products from a company in another country. In this press release, the percentages that said Very likely and Likely have been added together.

²Respondents were asked if they Strongly agree, Agree, Neither agree nor disagree, Disagree, Strongly disagree with a list of statements about their attitudes to purchasing products online from abroad. In this press release, the percentages that Strongly agree and Agree have been added together.

About Logistyx Technologies:

Logistyx Technologies connects top retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers to more than 550 in-network carriers with strategic parcel shipping and omnichannel fulfillment technology. Shippers rapidly realize fulfillment cost savings and end-to-end visibility for all shipments, proactive alerts to delays and potential solutions, and unparalleled insights and scenario forecasting with Logistyx. As businesses increasingly embrace omnichannel retail, Logistyx provides faster and more expansive delivery options and business intelligence to drive loyalty through customer satisfaction. Headquartered in Chicago, Logistyx Technologies has international offices in Canada, the Netherlands and Singapore. For more information, visit

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