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Need Insurance? Have Questions? The Feingold Companies Can Help!

Insurance is a contract or policy that provides protection against financial losses. There are many types of insurance policies available for individuals and businesses. There are insurance products that can provide protection for almost any aspect of life and any property owned. Understanding insurance helps individuals acquire the proper policies to protect them in almost any situation.

Commercial Insurance

One type of insurance is commercial insurance. Commercial insurance, however, is not simply one policy. It is actually a variety of policies or types of coverage that cater to the needs of the business. The Feingold Companies offer a variety of insurance products to meet the needs of almost any commercial entity.

The reason commercial policies must cater to the needs of the business is that no two organizations have the same needs. This makes it impossible for a one-size-fits-all type of policy for businesses. For example, a business that makes toys will need product liability insurance while a business that makes deliveries will need commercial auto insurance.

Each business has its own needs that must be protected by the proper insurance products. Although individuals may require different types of insurance policies for different aspects of their lives, these are usually the same types of insurance that every individual needs or may need at some point in their life.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a product that provides coverage for a person’s medical care. These policies do not necessarily provide compensation to the individual for a loss but do help to cover the costs of certain services to maintain a person’s health.

All individuals should maintain some type of health insurance. An illness or injury can be quite costly. Health insurance helps to offset those costs. Health insurance even provides coverage for healthcare visits when a person is healthy.

Life Insurance

Another important type of insurance coverage is life insurance. This insurance provides compensation when the policyholder dies. These policies can be very beneficial, especially when the death is unexpected.

Every individual should carry at least enough life insurance to cover the costs of their funeral expenses in case of sudden or unexpected death. Life insurance, however, can be increased to an amount that will provide for the family if the breadwinner of the family dies.

Car Insurance

Car insurance provides a variety of protection options for anyone who drives a vehicle. This insurance can protect the policyholder’s vehicle in case of any type of damage. It can even provide medical coverage for anyone injured in an accident.

Most states require some level of car insurance. Liability coverage is the most prevalent type of car insurance needed by a driver. Liability insurance covers the cost of damages to the other driver when the policyholder is at fault for the accident.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Another very important type of insurance is homeowner’s insurance. This policy provides protection for those who own a home. It usually provides coverage for losses and damages to the home and the contents of the home. It also provides liability coverage for when someone else is harmed on the property.

For those who do not own a home but still want protection for their personal property, there is renter’s insurance. This helps to provide protection for the renter and their property, as well as offers liability protection in some situations.

There are many types of insurance available. Any type of vehicle or property can be easily covered with the right policy. There are even options to protect individuals in cases of injury or disability. To find the right policy or to get information about a policy, contact an insurance provider.

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