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National Grid Renewables Hosts Celebration Event at Noble Solar and Storage Project

For a short video clip of the event, please click here.

Noble, which is currently under construction with an estimated commercial operation date of 2022, consists of 275 megawatts (MW) of solar and 125 MW of battery storage. Using the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator, Noble is projected to offset carbon dioxide emissions by 450,000 metric tons annually during operation.

“Not only will the Noble Project benefit our environment, but it will also benefit our economy,” commented Blake Nixon, President for National Grid Renewables. “We anticipate over 475 workers will help build Noble, and millions of dollars will be pumped into the local and state communities during construction. Additionally, throughout the first 20 years of operation, Noble is projected to benefit Denton County and the state of Texas through the creation of approximately $30 million in new tax revenue, several on-site operations and maintenance jobs, and over $1 million in donations funded by Noble through a local charitable initiative.”

“Hershey recognizes the importance of companies reducing their GHG emissions to help protect the environment, and we have made strong commitments to science-based reduction targets to do our part,” said Mark Kline, Senior Manager, Nut & Energy Sourcing, Global Commodities Hershey. “Transitioning our operations to clean and renewable energy is one way we will help achieve our substantial reduction commitments, and the Noble project is a key initiative in our drive to shift to clean energy.”

“NRG has a long-standing commitment to reducing carbon emissions,” said Lynda Clemmons, Vice President, NRG Energy, Inc. “Through the collaboration of local communities and use of renewable energy, we are excited to create a sustainable energy future for our customers.” 

Noble will utilize next-generation Series 6 thin film solar modules developed and produced by First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR), Fluence’s sixth-generation Gridstack™ product, and is being constructed by Signal Energy.

“We are excited for the opportunity to partner with National Grid Renewables on the Noble project. National Grid Renewables’ commitment to educating and serving the communities impacted by this project aligns with the core principles that is the soul of our company,” said Ryan Johnson, President of Signal Energy. “We look forward to furthering our partnership with National Grid Renewables and to being good neighbors to the people of Denton County, Texas.”

“The selection of First Solar’s uniquely American solar technology completes the circle of local, regional, and national economic impact that Noble represents,” said Darin Green, Senior Director, Americas at First Solar. “With our responsibly produced and advanced solar technology, Noble is positioned to deliver decades of clean energy to surrounding communities, while helping drive jobs in America’s heartland. First Solar is proud to supply its Series 6 modules alongside valued partners, and we look forward to further growing our partnership with National Grid Renewables to create a sustainable energy future.”

“We are proud to support National Grid Renewables’ Noble project with industry-leading energy storage technology that will help make the electric system cleaner and more resilient,” said John Zahurancik, President, Americas for Fluence. “A uniquely flexible asset, energy storage delivers value to both the electric grid and consumers by enabling greater use of renewable energy and also providing additional critical grid services.”

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About National Grid Renewables
National Grid Renewables, part of the competitive, unregulated National Grid Ventures division of National Grid (NYSE: NGG), develops, owns and operates large-scale renewable energy assets across the United States, including solar, wind and battery storage. As a farmer-friendly and community-focused business, National Grid Renewables develops projects for corporations and utilities that seek to repower America’s electricity grid by reigniting local economies and reinvesting in a sustainable, clean energy future.

National Grid Renewables has a robust development pipeline of wind, solar and battery storage projects in various stages of development throughout the United States, as well as geographically diverse operational assets across the country. It supports National Grid’s vision of being at the heart of a clean, fair, and affordable energy future for all. To learn more about National Grid Renewables, visit or follow the company on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Contact: Lindsay T. Smith
Director, Marketing & Communications
National Grid Renewables
[email protected] 
Media Relations: 612-429-7050

SOURCE National Grid Renewables

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