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Mutina Introduces Latest Cersaie 2021 Tile Collections at Exclusive…

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Opustone, Florida’s most sought-after stone and tile distributor, invites customers to discover some of the newest global design trends in tile with Italian tile manufacturer, Mutina. As Mutina’s exclusive Florida distributor, Opustone displays the brand’s latest Cersaie 2021 and Milan Design Week collections at its three showroom locations, including its Mattonelle Margherita collection by French artist and designer Natalie Du Pasquier.

Mutina revealed its highly anticipated collections at Italy’s most respected design shows, Cersaie and Milan Design Week, in late September. The Mattonelle Margherita collection by Nathalie Du Pasquier is a vibrant glazed porcelain collection, comprised of 41 different patterns, designed by hand. The design-forward tiles allow designers to experiment with its versatile, graphic patterns to create bold to minimalist designs.

“Mutina and Opustone have a five-year history as partners in the Florida market. This is a partnership we deeply value, as Mutina is a trendsetting, international brand that always brings a new perspective to design,” said Eric Schigiel, president of Opustone. “We’re thrilled to present to our customers Mattonelle Margherita. It’s a dynamic collection with bold colors and patterns.”

Opustone hosted an event honoring its exclusive distributor partnership with Mutina on Thursday, October 21 at Opustone’s Miami showroom. Local design trade professionals attended the event, seeing Mutina’s newest collections from Cersaie in person and learning more about the exclusive partnership.

All Mutina products are now available through special order at Opustone’s three Florida showroom locations. To find a Florida Opustone showroom, visit

About Opustone
Opustone was founded in 2001 by Eric Schigiel, a young entrepreneur whose interest in stone evolved from his experience with his father’s high-end construction business. By sourcing the best quality stones from around the world, it did not take long for Schigiel to quickly establish himself as one of the nation’s foremost experts on decorative and ornamental stone, and Opustone as one of the region’s most sought-after distributors. It is easy to experience the difference when you visit an Opustone showroom today, where stone slabs are presented in a gallery-like setting as if exhibiting nature’s most precious works of art. Not only does Opustone house a staggering array of premium quality natural and engineered stone slabs and tiles, but it also remains ahead of the latest looks and design trends, offering a wealth of pure design inspiration as well. For more information about Opustone, visit

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