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MUCK: How To Get The Best Weapon | Wyvern Dagger Guide


MUCK: How To Get The Best Weapon | Wyvern Dagger Guide
MUCK: How To Get The Best Weapon | Wyvern Dagger Guide

Right now, the WYVERN DAGGER is the best weapon in MUCK. That isn’t saying a lot, because there really aren’t that many weapons in MUCK so far. And it is a supremely goofy little game, but let’s talk about the best weapon anyway. It attacks twice as fast as any other weapon — literally, each attack is two attacks in one! That also makes it one of the few unique weapons in the game, and getting it can be pretty tricky. You’ll have to go hunting for Wyverns — naturally.

To get the Wyvern Dagger, you’ll need a Fletcher table so you can craft arrows. While it isn’t strictly required, a Fletcher worktable and the bow / arrows you can make will help you take down Wyverns much, much easier. They’re flying enemies, so we really need a ranged attack! You can also use the fire balls, electricity balls, and ice balls that the different elemental enemies drop. They can be loaded into your bow and fired like any arrow. Nice!

MUCK is the latest weird little indie game that’s blowing up on Twitch. Play MUCK for FREE here on Steam.

How To Craft The Wyvern Dagger

The Wyvern Dagger is a powerful weapon you can craft from wyvern materials. It attacks x2 with each swing.

  • Wyvern Dagger Recipe: 10 Oak Wood + 1 Wyvern Claws

A furnace isn’t required to craft the Wyvern Claws. But, you need to be able to defeat a Wyvern — and they’re really annoying, so let’s talk about that.

How To Kill Wyverns

Wyverns are annoying flying enemies that shoot fireballs at you. You’ll want to get a bow to beat them.

  • Step #1: Craft a Fletching Table. (10 Flint + 25 Birch Wood)
    • Flint comes from rocks.
  • Step #2: Craft Rope. (Workbench: 10 Bark +10 Wheat)
  • Step #3: Craft a Bow! (Fletching Table: 1 Rope + 10 Wood)

Any arrows will work. Arrows are made at the Fletching Table with 1 Flint + 4 Wood. There are stronger types of arrows (and bows) and you can also use the elemental balls dropped by elemental enemies. Those weird balls can be used with any bow to launch magic attacks.

Once you’ve got a bow, you can kill a Wyvern. They spawn randomly — but they’re much more likely to spawn the longer you survive. Goodluck, losers!

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