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Most read news of the week: 15 May


Last week’s top news stories: the ring that turns heat into energy, Google’s ban on traditional degrees and Lumus Maxima

What are the most read news stories of the last week? What were the trending topics in the world of innovation? What was talked about on social networks around the world? In order to answer these questions, we have selected the news items that have had the most visibility on our portal over the past week and have sparked the curiosity of our readers.

Most read news of the week

The ring that turns body heat into electricity

ring body heat electrical energyThere is a 100% green, totally renewable source of energy that is always available wherever we go. Even at the North Pole or in the most remote corners of the Amazon rainforest. In fact, you could say that this energy is always ‘inside us’. We are not talking about inner energy or some pseudo-scientific spirit force. We are talking (much more ‘trivially’) about body heat. In fact, the human body develops heat to survive and carry out its normal vital functions. However, much of this energy is ‘wasted’ because it is disposed of by the body through skin perspiration and heat. So a team of scientists at the University of Colorado came up with the idea of trying to capture human body heat and turn it into electrical energy. READ THE ARTICLE 

Google wants to abolish degrees: they will be ‘replaced’ by 6-month certificates

google degreesImportant news at Google. The web giant has announced its willingness to abolish traditional degrees, replacing them with its own certificates of learning. The news comes directly from the official blog of the world’s most used search engine. Learning or career certificates are documents issued by Google experts to those who successfully attend online courses lasting about six months. These are lessons given by experts who deal with very technical subjects with an extremely practical approach. The courses cover subjects such as web programming, big data analysis, user interface design, social network management and the creation of online advertising campaigns. READ THE ARTICLE

5 high school students found a start-up company selling LED lights: it’s a success

students start-up led lights“In a dark moment like the lockdown, we opened a shop selling LED lights”. It is with these words that five students from the Liceo Scientifico in Sesto Calende (in the province of Varese) introduce us to their Lumus Maxima project. It is an online shop for the sale of LEDs based on dropshipping, a very popular sales model online. In practice, dropshipping means that the seller sells a product to the consumer without actually having it in their warehouse. It works like this. Once the sale has been made via the web, the seller transmits the order to his supplier, who in this case is called a ‘dropshipper‘. The dropshipper, in turn, ships the product directly to the end user who placed the online order. READ THE ARTICLE

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Source: https://www.thepatent.news/2021/05/15/most-read-news-week-15-may/

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