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Mortdog reveals TFT Set 6 Hextech Augment High-End Shopping during charity stream

Mortdog reveals TFT Set 6 Hextech Augment High-End Shopping during charity stream

Riot Games game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer revealed Teamfight Tactics Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets Hextech Augment High-End Shopping today, after reaching the $5,000 incentive goal during his charity stream.

Hextech Augments are a Gizmos & Gadgets mechanic that provides a number of effects to players. High-End Shopping increases a tactician’s shop to one level higher. Players at level six will have a level seven shop, increasing the chance to find five-cost Set Six champions. And players who hit level nine will have a level 10 shop, according to Mortdog. 

Level 10 was previously released as a Hextech Augment, along with other effects such as knowing who an opponent will be in an upcoming fight and increasing the range of ranged champions by two Hexes. Mortdog didn’t reveal any details regarding the level 10 shop or the number of Hextech Augments. Donations are still rolling in his stream, however, making it a possibility that a second Hextech Augment might get revealed today. 

Mortdog’s charity stream is raising money for Gamers Outreach, and Mortdog created a list of donation incentives to encourage fans to donate. High-End Shopping was revealed after donators broke the $5,000 milestone, but other goals include having his daughter smash an egg over his head on stream to playing an entire game as “nerd Mortdog,” who was coached by Delicious Milk on how to play Hellion re-roll.

Set Six Gizmos & Gadgets will officially release on Nov. 3 via Patch 11.22. A full reveal of the set is expected to get released in the coming weeks, prior to TFT Set Six dropping on PBE via Patch 11.21. 

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