Modern online casinos prefer these payment methods


Most modern online casinos invest in offering different payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. Players like to choose sites that offer familiar and safe payment options.

Certain payment methods, such as bank transfers, card payments and online wallets, have maintained their popularity year after year precisely because people are used to paying with these tools outside of online casinos as well. However, these payment methods have developed enormously in recent years, so paying and repatriating have become even faster and more uncomplicated.

Bank transfers with secure payment brokerage services

Bank transfers are one of the safest and most popular payment methods at online casinos, especially among Finnish players. They allow players to transfer money to their game account safely and quickly. Payment brokerage services offer additional security because they act as an intermediary between the player and the online casino.

One of the most well-known payment brokerage services is Trustly, but there are also many other equally reliable options on the market. Buumicasino uses Zimpler for its payments, for example , because it is a trusted service, like Trustly or domestic Euteller. Online casinos do not get to know the player’s personal information, such as bank credentials or other sensitive information, when the information moves through a secure payment intermediary.

Card payments are still popular

Card payments are still one of the most popular payment methods at online casinos. They offer a fast and safe way to deposit money into a game account. Using card payments is easy, because they work in the same way as other online payments. With card payments, you can make deposits and withdrawals through most banks, credit card companies and other payment services.

The security of card payments is a very important issue in online casinos, as the spread of payment card information into outside hands could lead to considerable financial losses. All casinos ensure that data is encrypted and personal information is always safe. Card payments are compatible with most banks and credit card companies, so they can be used widely through various payment services.

A comprehensive range of different online wallets

Even online wallets still have their loyal user base, and you may find more of them in the online casino’s payment selection. They offer a fast and safe way to deposit and withdraw money. All online wallets work on the same principle.

One of the most popular online wallets is Skrill. It offers a fast and easy-to-use service that allows you to make deposits and withdrawals at the casino. Skrill can also be used to transfer money to other players or receive money transfers.

Another popular online wallet is Neteller. Neteller can also be used to buy products online or transfer money to other players. PayPal is also a common payment method in online casinos and it is probably the most popular online wallet even outside the casino world. It offers fast and secure transaction management and the ability to make deposits and withdrawals easily by just entering an email address and password.

Less common payment methods

Somewhat rarer payment methods at online casinos are, for example, invoicing, prepaid cards and mobile payments. Billing is a rather rare option in today’s online casinos for quite obvious reasons: playing with a bill is more likely to lead to financial difficulties for the player.

Prepaid cards are particularly suitable for players who want to limit their gaming budget. They work in the same way as traditional debit or credit cards, but require a pre-loaded amount. Mobile payments have also become somewhat more common and they enable a quick deposit using the phone.

In addition, there are some crypto-casinos and hybrid casinos on the market, where it is possible to make payments not only with traditional currencies but also with cryptocurrencies. Playing with cryptos is quite uncomplicated, as payments take place between the player and the casino’s crypto wallets. However, this method of payment has not gained huge popularity so far, because its use is not completely free of loopholes in casinos. While the anonymity of cryptos is their strength, their difficult traceability can also cause problems for casinos.


Modern online casinos strive to offer players numerous options for making deposits and withdrawals, so that everyone can find a preferred and familiar payment method. Bank transfers, payment cards and online wallets have maintained their popularity year after year, although somewhat newer options can be seen on the market.


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