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MLB The Show 21 Kitchen Sink 2 Pack: Base Round Revealed


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MLB The Show 21 Kitchen Sink 2 Pack: Base Round Revealed

Photo by San Diego Studios

MLB The Show 21 Kitchen Sink 2 pack base round was revealed June 9 ahead of its release on June 11.

The Kitchen Sink pack is a new, all-Diamond pack that follows the Space packs from earlier in the Diamond Dynasty cycle. Each pack has a select number of limited Diamonds that are broken up into a base round and a rare round. There is a two-per-account limit and each pack costs 30,000 Stubs. Getting the rare round will make you your stubs back and more, but the base round will usually net you a decent loss.

Here’s a look at the Kitchen Sink 2 base round:

Each card should help players along with their Collections toward the 99 Mariano Rivera. Players might lean toward Keuchel, Jimenez or Robertson considering the Awards and Prime collections are more expensive than others. Additionally, the other collections are completable through Team Affinity 2.

MLB The Show 21 Kitchen Sink 2 releases June 11 around 3 p.m. ET.

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