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Miroslav Klose FIFA 22: How to Complete the Mid Icon SBC


Photo by FUTBIN

Miroslav Klose FIFA 22 Mid Icon SBC was released Nov. 8 alongside Jay-Jay Okocha and a Base Icon Upgrade SBC.

FIFA Ultimate Team fans finally have their first Icon SBCs of the FIFA 22 cycle and it’s a bit disappointing on all fronts. The Base Icon Upgrade SBC isn’t repeatable and a tad expensive. Klose and Okocha aren’t bad picks for Icons, but the price for the latter is over the top. Klose’s price is relatively fine in terms of value, but the card isn’t spectacular by any means.

Here’s how to complete the Miroslav Klose SBC in FIFA 22 and if you should or not.


Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3

Segment 4

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Segment 5

Segment 6

If Segment 6 didn’t exist, this SBC would be fair priced. But, that final segment moves the overall price up to an area where it’s probably not worth completing it. Klose’s tradeable item is 168,000 coins on the market, and this SBC is going to be well above that price. Additionally, for those who own and use Klose, completing this SBC will drive the price of his card down even further.

The Klose SBC is available for 30 days so players can craft it over time.

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