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Mini Review: Submerged: Hidden Depths (PS5) – Perfectly Fine Boaty Exploration


Keep Rowin’ Rowin’ Rowin’ Rowin’.

Submerged: Hidden Depths is a fine game. It’s not fine as in a fine wine, nor is it fine like the little dog from the meme sat in his burning house saying, “This is fine.” Submerged is fine fine. It’s neither impressive nor offensive, never quite boring but almost certainly not exciting.

There’s nothing here that you haven’t seen before, and once you’ve seen what there is you’re unlikely to remember it a year from now. There’s not a single moment in this game that will make you sit back and think, “Wow.” In the vaguely arty, third person exploration genre Royal Rumble, Vane is the first one chucked over the ropes, Journey wins the whole thing, and Submerged was… were they in it? Did they get thrown out while you were at the bathroom? It doesn’t matter.

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