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Meet RXI, the Revolutionary Real-time Risk Intelligence Solution

RXI will change forever the way brokers measure and view their risk and KPIs.



Volatile times are still upon us, with brokerages facing many uncertainties yet increased opportunities through the evolution of fast-changing markets.

Considering the market changes over the last year or so, forex brokers now, more than ever, need to stay ahead of their competition by advancing their resources, automation, and overall operations.

Several elements in the forex industry highlight risk management and measurement as a great challenge for every forex broker.

With the significant risks that arise through trading, risk management is of most importance for any forex broker.

Forex brokers want to make instant decisions that can be implemented and trust in a solution that works operationally, is time-saving, and a solution that eases the mind.

The solution that is implemented should support them for further growth, liquidity, filtration, and a solution that, in parallel, can also optimize profits. Forex brokers require a solution that offers simplicity in an ever-complicated role as a risk manager or dealer.

FXCubic has developed a state-of-the-art all-in-one technology solution through their research and remarkably innovative attitude based on the data reflected in the market direction.

FXCubic is proud to have developed a next-generation sophisticated solution with its challenge-accepting attitude using a complex event processing engine and reactive technology called RXI.

RXI is an intelligence solution that will ultimately change the way brokers will measure and view their risk and KPIs. RXI has been designed to provide dealers and risk managers with a global view across their entire trading operation within a single GUI.

The ground-breaking solution offers simultaneous real-time data with in-depth risk analysis and the ability to allow for instantaneous actions.

As FXCubic put it, the RXI risk intelligence solution is “intelligence made simple.”

With multiple benefits that come with having the RXI solution, we are here today to share the reasons why Forex brokers should proudly use RXI as an additional solution that will change their brokerage game in an instant.

Below are the highlighted features that RXI offers dealers and risk managers.

Multidimensional Real-Time Data

RXI analyses and reconciles risk data in real-time, providing data-driven profit opportunities for a broker, allowing a broker to take timely actions accordingly.

The RXI intelligence solution allows risk managers to increase performance and profitability through real-time alerts customized by the broker, allowing risk managers to focus on predefined vital issues and take timely actions.

RXI updates broker positions and P&L with real-time customizable information from MT4/5 platforms. This allows RXI users to use the information to assess their risk and exposure.

Multiplatform Aggregation

RXI streams multiple MT4/5 platform data into its engine, allowing brokers to combine separate trading platforms’ risk data into a single interface.

Forex brokers can gain real-time insight into what is happening across all their platforms centrally. Dealers do not have to manually reconcile and use other data tools or practices as the data is intuitively customized and aggregated according to the risk manager’s preferences.

Customizable Filteration

RXI provides clients with fully customizable filters that enable risk managers to instantaneously see the complex events’ roots.

RXI users can dynamically assess their data as RXI’s output can be filtered, while real-time pivot tables can be created instantly.

Personalized views & Alerts

RXI allows for different visual charts available for further depth and transparency in a way it has never been done before. This allows individual risk managers to focus on the data they want to see, enabling further simplicity in an ever-complicated role.

Solutions for upper management are also a big part of RXI’s offering, including real-time information on countries and destinations that generate more revenue. This is available on the RXI dashboard, allowing business partners to focus on areas where they see more opportunities.

Mobile Functionality & Push Notifications

Accessible from anywhere and at any time, RXI has been developed to highly perform on mobile devices, making RXI the ultimate intelligence solution for risk managers that need access to their data on the go. Enabling critical customized alerts to be received remotely, RXI is able to send push notifications to mobile devices.

Adaptable Solution

RXI is a standalone application that has been designed to coexist with any other technology, making this risk intelligence solution one of a kind.

RXI connects to MT4/5 servers through Manager API in seconds without any plug-in installations, making it conflict-free with other plug-ins on the server.

Optimizing Profits

RXI merges all client risks into an individual solution that allows brokers to reduce the number of inefficient hedges or trades.

Brokers can come to better conclusions through the flexible real-time data allowing actions to be taken ahead of time by implementing the risk managers’ rules and actions. These actions will increase performance, profitability, and a smooth P&L environment.

RXI provides Forex brokers a global view across their entire trading operation. The benefits of integrating RXI are innovatively phenomenal. There is no reason why Forex brokers should not opt into using FXCubic’s byproduct for further control, depth, and ease of mind.

We think that FXCubic’s risk intelligence solution will change the market’s view on intelligent risk solutions. RXI is next-generation technology, and we look forward to furthering byproducts from the FXCubic team.

To find more information or to request a free demonstration of RXI’s sophisticated new technology, click here

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SafeMoon Army Gears Up To Uplift the Price, Yet Needs To Be Programmed!

safemoon jump

The post SafeMoon Army Gears Up To Uplift the Price, Yet Needs To Be Programmed! appeared first on Coinpedia – Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media| Crypto Guide

Safemoon gained the trader’s attention in a very short stipulated time frame by rising from nowhere to $0.00001375. Since then the price could not regain the lost levels despite a couple of attempts of upswing. However, with increased market sentiments and positive mentions, the asset remains the hottest trend despite the Safemoon price experiencing a …



Safemoon gained the trader’s attention in a very short stipulated time frame by rising from nowhere to $0.00001375. Since then the price could not regain the lost levels despite a couple of attempts of upswing. However, with increased market sentiments and positive mentions, the asset remains the hottest trend despite the Safemoon price experiencing a slump.

The token gained wide recognition with the launch of the beta sign up for its wallet for only the first 500 people. The wallet is said to be a secure place to store and trade Safemoon, with additional features like Simplex integration, dark mode, contact lists, etc. And hence, this announcement uplifted the assets price to some extent.


No doubt, the price remained above the levels, yet it appears that the Safemoon price is plateauing with no significant change. Despite the narrow trend, the asset is still among the hottest trends in the market with notable social mentions. 

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Will The Crypto Space Witness Safemoon VS Dogecoin?

The entire crypto space is familiar with the fact that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk is a huge proponent of Dogecoin. And moreover, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos had also shown his interest in the digital asset. The scenario flipped when Elon Musk called himself a ‘Dogefather’ in an SNL event which might have irked Bezos.

In an interesting update, some of the social media platforms and telegram channels speculate Jeff Bezos may invest billions in Safemoon. The main aim would be to rally the Safemoon price to $1 before the Dogecoin price.

The cold war between the two giants has been viewed in many instances. And if it results in a brawl, then both the assets may be impacted positively to a larger extent. However, there is no such official confirmation from Jeff Bezos. As the story stands on the basis of the rounds on the social media platform.

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Non-Fungible Tokens Are The Future



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If you are an artist, graphic designer or animator, you may
have heard about NFTs or Nifties.

So what is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is a digital asset, like artwork, that’s verified using blockchain technology. It is the exact same technology that’s used for all the cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and all the others. This blockchain technology uses a network of computers to record transactions and gives buyers proof of authenticity and ownership. It’s a way for digital artwork to have provenance basically – sort of a digital footprint that shows the origin and the buying and selling of a piece of artwork over time. An artist will make a digital piece of art, let’s say it’s an animate GIF, and sell a limited number on NFT marketplaces. Once that limited number runs out, there are no more available.

So you might be saying “well if it’s an animated GIF, I can just copy it and download it onto my phone, and I’ll own it too, so why are people paying tons of money for these?”

Yes, it’s true that you can get an exact copy, but you don’t really own the ‘real, authentic’ artwork itself without blockchain verification.

So it‘s a similar idea with the Mona Lisa – let’s say you had someone make a copy of the Mona Lisa, and none of your friends could tell the difference. But the real Mona Lisa has a provenance, which is a way to prove the buying and selling history all the way up to the current owner. And that’s what the blockchain technology does.

The big sellers right now are images, GIFs, songs and videos. And just like everything else, supply and demand are driving the price. Since NFTs are scarce, and collectors want them, they’re willing to pay a lot of money for them. Some people are also seeing them as an investment, because they have the option to resell the NFT for a higher price later on.

It might seem a little crazy right now, but this is probably the direction artwork sales are headed. I guess we’ll see, right? Who knew that baseball cards, which are just pieces of cardboard with some ink on them could be really valuable?

If you’re a talented digital artist, you should probably get on one of the NFT sites now and give it a shot! I will recommend ARTDECO but first and foremost, who are they?


ARTDECO is a marketplace aiming to link sellers (typically content creators such as digital artists, model creators or meme makers) with buyers who can select pieces they wish to purchase. To turn their work into an NFT, creators must first “mint” a token using ARTDECO’s Dapps. Similar to other tokens on Binance, the NFT can be transferred between wallets using ARTDECO’s software.

ARTDECO leverages the Binance blockchain to embed within an NFT’s code the full history of its owners and transactions. Of note, when a transaction goes through, both the buyer and the seller have to pay transaction fees that go to the ARTDECO network.

One interesting feature of NFTs is the ability to program royalties, or the rights to future cash flows, within these assets. This means that creators on ARTDECO can set a percentage of future sales and collect them automatically by issuing a token. This is a major feature drawing creators to this technology, because unlike with traditional content platforms, NFTs can be designed to pay out royalties immediately. For instance, if a piece of digital art listed a 10% royalty, the creator would receive 10% of any consequent sale of that art.

ARTDECO is on a mission to evolve towards a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where all decision rights will belong to the platform users.


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DAO Maker (DAO) and Kyber Network (KNC) Technical Analysis: What to Expect?

Kyber Network and DAOMaker prices are still fragile. KNC/USDT may retest $2.3 in the short term, while DAO/USDT bulls are open for $3.5.



Table of Contents

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Kyber Network and DAO Maker prices are still fragile, feeble despite traders’ optimism. KNC/USDT may retest $2.3 in the short term, while DAO/USDT bulls are open for $3.5.

DAO Maker (DAO)

DAO is the governance token of the platform seeking to create growth technologies and funding frameworks for startups.

Past Performance of DAO

Presently, prices are looking up after the plunge in the first half of Q2 2021.

Bottoming up from the 78.6 percent Fibonacci retracement level of the Q1 2021 trade range, there are tinges of strength that must be confirmed.

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DAO is firm, confirming gains of last weekend.

Day-Ahead and What to Expect

If the middle BB guides, the path of the least resistance is southwards.

Even so, the close above $3 may provide the necessary foundation for more gains in the days ahead.

For the first time in more than a month, DAO/USDT is trending above the 20-day moving average.

DAO/USDT Technical Analysis

DAO Price Daily Chart for June 17

A market-wide recovery may boost DAO bulls, lifting confidence.

Sustained gains above $3 confirm a breakout. In that case, risk-off traders can load dips, aiming at $3.5.

Meanwhile, a change in fortune forcing DAO below $2.5 deflates bulls’ attempts.

Kyber Network (KNC)

The DEX is where traders can swap tokens without an intermediary. Their partnership with Polygon makes trading Gas-free. KNC is their primary token.

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Past Performance of KNC

KNC/USDT is confirmed in tight ranges in a defined downtrend.

Although there are signs of bulls, $2.3 still proves to be a strong liquidation line.

However, higher highs above the minor support trend line fortify bulls, cementing their resilience.

At press time, KNC hast posted marginal gains across the board, adding eight percent against ETH.

Day-Ahead and What to Expect

Presently, KNC prices are down 40 percent from Q1 2021 peaks. Even so, prices are flat-lining with resistance at $2.5.

The minor support trend line visible in the daily chart props bulls.

A close below $1.5 shifts strength to bears.

KNC/USDT Technical Analysis

KNC Price Daily Chart for June 17

KNC/USDT prices are within June 13 bull bar, signaling strength and bulls.

As such, if there is expansion above $2, confirming the double bar bullish pattern, risk-averse traders may find loading opportunities targeting $2.3—or March and April 2021 lows.

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Further gains may lift KNC/USDT towards $4.

On the other hand, KNC may collapse if $1.2 fails, mirroring losses of May 2021.

#DAO #DAO/USDT #DAOMaker #DeFi #KNC #KNC/USDT #Kyber Network

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Will Jeff Bezos & Kim Kardashian Take “SAFEMOON to the Moon”?


The post Will Jeff Bezos & Kim Kardashian Take “SAFEMOON to the Moon”? appeared first on Coinpedia – Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media| Crypto Guide

Since Billionaires endorsing crypto tokens is becoming a thing now, rumors have it that Jeff Bezos is planning to invest billions in SafeMoon cryptocurrency and will soon take on Elon Musk’s Dogecoin.  It was previously rumoured that Bezos would invest billions in Dogecoin following Tesla CEO Elon Musk. However, Bezos never acknowledged the claims nor …



Since Billionaires endorsing crypto tokens is becoming a thing now, rumors have it that Jeff Bezos is planning to invest billions in SafeMoon cryptocurrency and will soon take on Elon Musk’s Dogecoin

It was previously rumoured that Bezos would invest billions in Dogecoin following Tesla CEO Elon Musk. However, Bezos never acknowledged the claims nor rubbished them. 

Several crypto groups on Telegram say that Bezos aims to get SafeMoon to $1 before Musk gets Dogecoin to that level. As a result of rumors like these, investors have increased their investments in SafeMoon with the expectation of profiting from Bezos’ stake.

If you think this is too much drama already, there’s more up your alley. SafeMoon lovers have huddled up to get TV star Kim Kardashian’s attention. This comes after she announced Ethereum Max. Her advertisement for the tech crypto on Instagram got a lot of traction. 

Etheruem Max skyrocketed after Kim K lauded the crypto. In a few minutes, the crypto burned nearly 400 billion tokens, i.e 50% of its portfolio. She also attached a link to the post. 

Since then, thousands of passionate posts for Safemoon have filled Kim’s Instagram profile. The celebrity has yet to speak on the topic, but investors are hopeful that she will do so soon.

SafeMoon price soared 27% after breaching the support level at $0.00000344 for the 5th time in the last 10 days. The token has ripped the 50% Fibonacci retracement level at $0.00000397 and struck resistance at $0.00000450 after a rapid spike in a bullish trend.

The price will most likely face a slight retreat to the immediate support, which is the range’s midpoint at $0.00000397, after such a rapid run. SafeMoon may consolidate or continue its ascent at this point. If the altcoin breaks through the resistance level at $0.00000450, it might rally by 16%.

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