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Matousec: CIS Named the Ultimate Protection Machine




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The recent update to Comodo Internet Security (CIS) Premium 6.3.297838.2953 has turned CIS into the ultimate protection machine according to’s Proactive Security Challenge 64.“From its previous 92% Comodo Internet Security jumped to today’s 97%, and is now very close to the perfect result.” is a project run by a group of security experts focused on desktop users’ security. The project was founded in March of 2006 with a focus on security related projects and providing specific services to software vendors.The most widely known project of is called the Proactive Security Challenge 64, the independent security software testing challenge.At Comodo, we know our products prevail so it’s great to be recognized as the TOP performing internet security suite by Not to mention Comodo Internet Security Premium is FREE! That’s right; we believe that everyone deserves a safe and secure internet, regardless of their ability to pay for it. Only Comodo delivers award winning desktop security for free to almost Two Million new users a month.Comodo Internet Security
Proactive Security Challenge 64 Test Results“The latest results indicate the fact that there is a reason for us to be able to offer a 500 USD virus free guarantee in all operating systems.
Egemen TAS, Director, VP of Engineering, COMODOThe game isn’t over. In fact, it’s never-ending. Even though, CIS is unmatched at providing the best in internet security, we never stop pushing to improve our products. Thank you to our diligent developers who are constantly working to improve our products, allowing Comodo to continue working towards our goal of making the Internet a trusted place to interact and conduct business. Thank you, also, to our dedicated users who continue to put their trust in us to protect their devices online.

For a complete list of the test results, please visit:

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Semantic UI CDN




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What is Semantic UI CDN?

Semantic UI React supplies React components, while Semantic UI CDN provides themes such as CSS stylesheets.

Semantic empowers designers and developers to create a specific UI vocabulary.

Current version 2.4.2

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The rise of the digital economy changed the way we communicate, search for information, shop for products and services, decide, and many other tasks dramatically. As the digitization of virtually everything continues unabated, an endless supply of content is being generated, and devices and interfaces are becoming increasingly intuitive. Taking advantage of this opportunity, businesses of all sizes have embraced content marketing to sell products and services to consumers around the world. The speed of the websites they visit is essential for digitally empowered customers.

So, if you want to have low bounce rates and high retention rates, your website needs to be fast and highly responsive. The Content Delivery Network ( CDN) can make your website faster by reducing the distance between the user and the server of the site, compressing files, and optimizing connections. If you want a responsive web design, you can use Semantic CSS UI, an open-source framework that uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) class names such as words to generate a natural language style library.

The web design is responsive when it automatically adjusts content to look good on all devices, from mobile phones to tablets, laptops, and desktops. Semantic UI makes it possible to use human-friendly HTML. It can be installed either locally or using a hosted CDN.

What Are the Benefits of using Semantic UI CDN?

Semantic UI tasks can be effectively integrated with the Semantic UI CDN in the current website development tools.

Examples of semantic UI

For example, if you want to design a list using semantic UI CDN, you can simply add a few lines of code to your project using the list component CDN.

Research shows that 47% of visitors expect a website to load within 2 seconds, 40% leave a website that is loaded for more than 3 seconds, and 79% that are slower. Imagine the potential revenue of those who leave your site and never return because your web pages won’t load quickly enough.

Companies such as Akamai, MaxCDN (now StackPath), Amazon CloudFront, and Cloudflare CDN distribute edge server texts, documents, graphics, scripts, multimedia files, apps, and web tools worldwide. The CDN would connect the user to the server nearest to the location of the site instead of to the main server thousands of miles away to speed up the delivery of content.

In addition to boosting website load times, CDN reduces bandwidth costs, enhances overall content availability, and improves the security of your site. The amount of data generated by a server is decreased by caching information, distribution of inbound web traffic through several servers, and routing of user requests to the closest edge node. As a result, the CDN can reduce website hosting costs. The advantage of faster loading times is that it improves Google’s page load frequency, increasing the SEO ranking of your site.

When it comes to security, a CDN helps protect your website and ensure it is secure using fresh TLS / Secure Sockets Layer (TLS / SSL) data encryption and authentication certificates. TLS / SSL) certificates also guarantee data integrity by manipulation and falsification detection.

Most organizations have RTL (Right To Left) CSS and JavaScript in Semantic UI for CDN support. React, Meteor, and Ember.js provide construct tools that integrate with Semantic UI. All modern JavaScript bundlers fully support the Semantic UI React. Snapchat is a great organization that uses Semantic UI.

Select Right CDN at Low Cost?

With so many companies offering network content delivery services, it is not easy to select the right one. The following tips can help you find the CDN that fits your needs.


You are hiring a CDN service provider, and you want your website to load faster so that you know how easily the edge servers will deliver your files. In this respect, you have to analyze and compare main performance metrics such as latency and efficiency during regular and peak traffic times. Ask if the CDN can reduce latency and hops, if its responses and load times are satisfactory and if it can cope with unexpected network traffic spikes so that your site can operate instead of decreasing.


In addition to making the loading of your websites faster, a CDN will improve the protection of your site. In particular, a CDN service provider should be able to mitigate cybersecurity threats such as DDoS attacks, ransomware, and phishing, keeping your website and your business safe.

Technical support

Responsive technical assistance is an essential factor in choosing a CDN. Check the ticket response time for the content delivery network service, whether it has a team that can help 24 hours a day via email and phone, and if they can fix any problems promptly.


A secure CDN should include tools and features that optimize the performance of your website, including instant content removal from any edge server, an intuitive user interface that helps you to set up and manage your web resources quickly, a network that delivers content as quickly as possible, or a forum for monitoring traffic statistics in real-time.


There are content distribution networks that can be used free of charge, while others cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. They’re doing the same thing, which is to make the website load faster. Compare pricing plans and choose the one you think offers the best value to your money.

The Bottom Line

Your website is a powerful tool to encourage your business for a global audience, but it can be responsible if it goes slowly. Whether unoptimized images, voluminous codes, too many HTTP queries, or JavaScript problems are accountable for your website’s slower performance, a content delivery network can help. Semantic UI CDN CSS is also supported by A CDN to create websites that are responsive to each device.


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Cyber Attack on Iran Nuclear Facility by USA or Israel




Iran has issued a direct warning to two nations- the United States and Israel; that it will launch a retaliation related cyber attack, if any of the two nations is found guilty, in digitally disrupting its Natanz Nuclear Factory mid-last week.

Highly placed sources say that a fire broke out in the facility last week, with Iran suspecting a digital hand of either Israel or US in the cyberattack propelled nuclear facility disruption.

Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) acknowledged the news by stating that the fire mishap was a result of a cyber-attack and the Ministry urged the two nations to revise their policies against Tehran.

Note 1-Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility is used for Uranium Enrichment and is under the constant vigil of the UN Nuclear Watchdog- International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA).

Note 2- In the year 2010, the US launched a digital attack on the Natanz nuclear facility which at that time was being used for electricity generation in Iran. And sources add that a newly developed Stuxnet Computer Virus to disrupt the facility by Washington or Tel Aviv.

Note 3- Now, Iranian officials claim that the latest fire disruption in the facility was also due to the digital invasion, but failed to pin down the incident on the two nations due to lack of evidence. However, the Defense Intelligence Agency who is probing the incident has warned that if the nation led by Donald Trump is found guilty in the attack, it has to get ready to face serious consequences over the incident.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security


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The UK to axe Huawei from 5G network build due to security fears




Britain is all set to reconsider its decision of allowing Chinese company Huawei to build 5G network infrastructure in its nation, as a newly drafted intelligence report has confirmed that the installed infrastructure will only guarantee safety from Chinese espionage just for 7 years.

According to research conducted by Daily Mail, the National Cyber Security Center(NCSC) has concluded that Huawei 5G products are not secure and so the ban imposed by the United States against the Chinese vendor is completely true.

Britain’s Ministry is reported to approve the ban after a cabinet ban to be held at the end or early next week and so the purchase of Huawei’s 5G equipment due to be done in November this year might take a U-Turn.

Oliver Dowden, the Cultural Secretary has acknowledged that the Ministry has received the latest intelligence report from NCSC, a cyber arm of GCHQ, and said that a formal announcement on the matter will be announced shortly.

Mr. Dowden also reiterated the fact that decisions such as these definitely need some time to come to a consensus and admitted that there is a chance of Huawei’s entire technology getting scraped from Britain’s Telecom network by the end of 2029.

Note 1- A source from Huawei on the condition of anonymity reacted to the news and stated that the decision of NCSC to scrap Huawei from the 5G network build project might be a result of a pressure coming from Trump Administration.

Note 2- NCSC has clearly specified in its report that it’s better to replace Huawei with a company headquartered in western countries as reconsidering Asian alternatives like Japan’s NEC might be less trustworthy.

Note 3- Matt Hancock the Health Secretary of UK told Sky’s Sofy Ridge that Britain will take the decision on Huawei keeping the best interests of its populace.

Note 4- As per some trade analysts working for Alibaba, if Britain imposes a ban on the use of 5G products of Huawei in its network build, then it can witness a loss of $13 billion in GDP gains in the next 10 years.


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