Marvel’s Midnight Suns Tarot Card Locations Guide


Tarot Cards are one of the many collectibles in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. In this Marvel’s Midnight Suns Tarot Card Locations Guide we’ll break down the location of each of the Tarot Cards, there are 22 to collect in total, so you can find them all and complete your collection.

The Abbey is filled to the brim with unique and exciting collectibles, offering a glimpse into the lore of the Midnight Suns. The Abbey grounds are huge but for much of the game, you’re unable to explore it in its entirety. As you progress through missions you will unlock new areas of the Abbey to explore. As such, you can gather certain Tarot Cards earlier than others so check the Chapter before venturing out to find some of the Tarot Card locations listed below.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns Tarot Card Locations Guide

Tarot Card Location #1: Strength

You can find the first Tarot Card here, it’s located in the Chapel at the Abbey. You can find this as early as Chapter 1: The Awakening

Tarot Card Location #2: The Star

You can find The Star Tarot Card in the Forge. It’s on a small table next to Iron Man’s suit.

Tarot Card Location #3: The Moon

This Tarot Card is also in the Forge. You can find it sitting on the floor near some tables.

Tarot Card Location #4: The Sun

During Night 2 when you are following Agatha around, you can find The Sun Tarot Card at this location.

Tarot Card Location #5: The Wheel Of Fortune

You need to complete Night 2 story mission with Agatha to unlock the Words of Power Open ability to gain access to this area. You find the Tarot Card on a small shrine.

Tarot Card Location #6: Death

This Tarot Card is in the same location as The Wheel of Fortune, not far. It’s on a small pile of stones overlooking the sea.

Tarot Card Location #7: The High Priestess

You can find this Tarot Card hovering over a small stone pillar near the Standing Stones.

Tarot Card Location #8: The Hermit

You can find The Hermit Tarot Card in the Whispering Wood, just hiding in the stump of a tree.

Tarot Card Location #9: Justice

You can find this Tarot Card at Agatha’s Altar. Head to the rear of the structure and you’ll find it there.

Tarot Card Location #10: The Hierophant

You need Power Word Reveal to reach this church. Just behind the church there is a busted up cart. You can find this Tarot Cart on the cart.

Tarot Card Location #11: The Emperor

Just South East of the Everflowing Glade. There’s a small table at the end of a dead end. Just near the table is a small rock in the grass. You can find this Tarot Card there.

Tarot Card Location #12: The World

At Agatha’s Cottage, outside. There is a small connected open-plan building. You’ll find the Tarot Card hovering over the table.

Tarot Card Location #13: The Empress

There is a small graveyard at this location. You can find one of the Tarot Cards, The Empress, next to one of the larger gravestones.

Tarot Card Location #14: The Temperance

This one is right near the Abbey but I missed it early on. Up in the rocks near the wall.

We will continue to update this guide as we progress through the game.

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