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Mark Cuban’s DeFi portfolio snapshot reveals over $128,000 in staked AAVE




Billionaire tech investor Mark Cuban is an AAVE Whale, according to a snapshot of his on-chain portfolio on Etherscan.

Source: Etherscan

Mark Cuban was in the news earlier this month after he revealed that he has been a long-time crypto-investor, with Cuban going on to comment,

“I still have crypto from the early days of Coinbase. I’ve never sold anything.”

As can be inferred from the aforementioned snapshot, the tech investor has staked over $128,000 worth of AAVE. This is an interesting finding, especially since in the past, Cuban has expressed some concerns over the gas fees on the network, calling it “crazy expensive.”

Interestingly, post his initial comment on the gas fees, AAVE had responded to Cuban’s comments by stating, “See you on Layer 2.” It should be noted here that the DeFi protocol recently implemented its Layer 2 solution on the Matic Network.

The aforementioned finding comes at a unique time, especially since AAVE’s price has surged by over 50% in the past week alone, trading at $291, at the time of writing.

Mark Cuban’s portfolio also includes positions in ETH and SUSHI, positions that had many DeFi users excited. In fact, the investor’s Ethereum wallet address was first identified after users recognized the account that funded his Rarible address. As is the case in the world of transparent ledgers, most of the community was quick to analyze all of Cuban’s holdings.

“I definitely got my share of shitcoins,” he quipped on Twitter, in reference to the numerous DeFi tokens in his portfolio.

What is also of note is that while his portfolio revealed his interest in DeFi, Cuban remains skeptical about the narrative around Bitcoin, with the tech investor claiming that it is “nothing more than a store of value.”

However, the investor did say recently that if DeFi and BTC evolve together in a manner that allows Bitcoin to effectively be a bank account without the bank, then that would create utility for the world’s largest cryptocurrency.


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Litecoin, BAT, Compound Price Analysis: 16 April




Litecoin suffered from the recent wave of bearish pressure as it was stopped just short of the $300-mark, and could be set to retrace as far south as $260 and $244. Basic Attention Token was heading toward its range lows once more, while Compound moved almost vertically north. It could note a steep drop back towards the $530-level, especially if Bitcoin is unable to defend the $60,400-area.

Litecoin [LTC]

Litecoin, BAT, Compound Price Analysis: 16 April

Source: LTC/USD on TradingView

A pitchfork tool highlighted some dynamic levels to watch out for. LTC broke out of its month-long symmetrical triangle over the past ten days but faced resistance at the $296-mark. Following the same, it fell rapidly and looked like it would test the median line of the pitchfork (red).

The MACD was a long way above zero, underlining the extreme bullish momentum of the past three weeks. LTC might be able to find support in the $260-area, but closing under the median line will likely foreshadow a move to the $244-level.

Basic Attention Token [BAT]

Litecoin, BAT, Compound Price Analysis: 16 April

Source: BAT/USD on TradingView

BAT was trading within a range, with some candlewicks going to either side of the range boundaries. Nevertheless, BAT had some demand at the $1.4-area over the past week, and it has consistently been unable to climb past the $1.58-zone.

The RSI formed a series of lower highs in the time period BAT was within this range, and slipped beneath neutral 50 even as the price fell beneath the range’s mid-point at $1.48. Alongside the falling Stochastic RSI, this showed bearish pressure and could take BAT to retest the range lows.

Compound [COMP]

Litecoin, BAT, Compound Price Analysis: 16 April

Source: COMP/USDT on TradingView

Since breaking out of the descending triangle, COMP has reached a high of $612. It had been rejected sternly at $550 earlier this month, and after consolidating for a few days around the $450-area, COMP made strong gains once again. This was accomplished backed by rising trading volume, with the same showing market conviction.

This conviction can drive the rally further and COMP would need some time to gather steam for its next move. $550 and $526 were the levels of support for the price. The Volume Profile Visible Range showed the Point of Control lay at $451 and some support can also be expected at $480-$490.

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Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: 16 April




Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be taken as investment advice

Bitcoin Cash has seen strong bullish momentum right from the last week of March, with BCH noting a steady uptrend which resulted in a price surge of over 120 percent. However, in the last 24 hours, some of BCH’s upward movement has been arrested, with the altcoin coming in contact with a strong resistance level.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash was trading at $905 with a registered market capitalization of over $17 billion, making it the 11th largest cryptocurrency in the market. BCH had a 24-hour trading volume of $6.5 billion, with its price going up by over 47 percent in the last week alone.

Bitcoin Cash 1-day chart 

Source: BCH/USD, TradingView

Bitcoin Cash’s uptrend finally came across a bit of resistance around the $984-level and if the coin fails to breach this range in the coming 24-hours, then a trend reversal cannot be discounted for BCH over the coming week. In such a scenario, the immediate support at $801 may be its target. There was also another strong support around the $701-price range, however, such a steep drop seemed unlikely given the present market scenario.

If the immediate resistance remains untouched, traders can benefit from long positions and take profit around the $800-price level.


While BCH’s prospects on the charts have seemed quite bullish for over two weeks, a trend reversal may be in the works. As per the coin’s technical indicators such as the MACD indicator and the RSI, both look bullish in the short term. However, if one were to take a closer look at how the market has responded, it will give us a clearer picture of what to expect in the next 7 days.

The RSI, at press time, was well into the overbought zone and interestingly, the last time it occupied such a level was back on 21 February. The following day, the altcoin registered a massive price correction, one that negated a lot of its bullish momentum.

The MACD indicator, on the other hand, underwent a bullish crossover. A reversal to a bearish crossover didn’t look imminent, at the time of writing.

Important levels to watch out for 

Entry point: $886

Stop loss: $968

Take profit: $811

Risk/Reward Ratio: 0.91


Bitcoin Cash may see a slight trend reversal, one resulting in a price correction if the immediate resistance isn’t breached in the coming day’s time. In such a scenario, the altcoin may head towards $800 in the coming week and give traders with short positions an opportunity to profit.

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Bank of Korea Governor becomes latest to attack crypto-assets’ ‘limitations’




South Korea has seen a dramatic increase in crypto-investments lately. Unlike in the U.S, South Korean regulatory bodies had initially kept themselves from intervening in the digital asset ecosystem. At the moment, however, the situation is not the same anymore.

Lee Ju-yeol, the Governor of the Bank of Korea (BOK), is in the news today after he claimed that cryptocurrencies pose certain limitations as a mode of payment. During a news conference that followed a recent monetary policy committee meeting, Lee said,

“The BOK’s stance on cryptocurrency hasn’t changed from the previous position that crypto assets have no intrinsic value.”

The governor highlighted the “volatile” nature of crypto-assets and commented that it is incredibly difficult to estimate its appropriate price.

The exec also commented on the country’s own CBDC plans. He said that even though the issuance of CBDCs in South Korea would take time, he will not make a definitive statement with respect to its potential impact on the markets.

In fact, Lee also cited a recent statement made by U.S Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. In a recent interview, Powell underlined his position on cryptocurrencies, a position quite congruent to his predecessor. He said,

“They’re really vehicles for speculation. They’re not really being actively used as payments.”

Former Fed Chairman and serving U.S Treasury Secretary Yellen has in the past highlighted that she views Bitcoin as a “highly speculative asset,” with the same being a very “inefficient” way of conducting transactions.

South Korea’s Ministry of Economy and Finance plans to impose a 20 percent tax on cryptocurrency profits from 1 January 2022. The announcement also highlighted that profits exceeding 2.5 million won would be subject to tax. Even crypto-exchanges have been kept within bounds under the latest regulatory amendment.

The official’s statement makes for interesting reading, especially when a recent development is taken into account. Turkey’s central bank, on Friday, banned the use of crypto-assets to purchase goods and services. It adduced the irreparable potential damages and the risk involved in such transactions as the reason for doing so.

The official gazette said,

“Payment and electronic money institutions will not be able to intermediate the platforms that offer trading, custody, transfer or issuance services for crypto assets or fund transfers from these platforms.”

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Monero, Neo, Verge Price Analysis: 16 April




The altcoin market has always been highly correlated to Bitcoin’s price and over the past week, this was quite evident. The short-term price correction that Bitcoin underwent affected many of the market’s altcoins. However, it didn’t do so uniformly.

Monero [XMR]

Source: XMR/USD, TradingView

Monero’s price has seen significant gains over the past week amounting to over 26 percent, however, at the time of writing, the upward momentum seemed to be slowly dropping. At press time, the coin was trading at $333.5 and had come in contact with strong resistance at $356.2 – a level which it has failed to breach, despite a few efforts. If the trend turns bearish, the crypto can bank on the two strong support levels at $303 and $273 to stabilize the coin’s price.

Declining bullish momentum was pictured by the coin’s technical indicators as the RSI made its way out of the overbought zone and headed to the neutral zone. The MACD indicator, on the other hand, saw a bullish crossover and a reversal didn’t seem likely in the next 24 hours. This could in turn imply that the altcoin may see the continuation of its consolidation phase as the price trades sideways.

Neo [NEO]

Source: NEO/USD, TradingView

NEO’s price traded in a very tight range for over a week, with the alt finally breaking out of it a few days back. The price trend of the 29th-largest altcoin wasn’t very much in sync with the altcoin market. However, akin to XMR, NEO also came in contact with a strong resistance level at $86.

Two strong supports at $69 and $56 may be adequate to help stabilize the price if the bears were to take over resulting in a minor price correction for the coin.

The technical indicators for the alt painted an interesting picture. The EMA Ribbons were well below the press time trading price and were only likely to offer support at the $56-price level – a significant drop for the coin. The RSI was well into the overbought zone and seemed to be moving out of it. This could result in a short-term correction as the market moves into the hands of the sellers.

Verge [XVG]

Source: XVG/USD, TradingView

During the timeframe [i.e. last week of March to date], many of the market’s altcoins rallied by substantial margins. However, Verge saw the opposite take place as it continued on its downtrend. Interestingly, the past few days have seen the price rise and at press time, the coin had seen some of its momentum arrested around the $0.056-level.

XVG, at press time, was trading at $0.048 and had a 24-hour trading volume of $81 million. If the price were to head lower on the charts, there would be two strong supports that can stabilize the price at $0.04 and $0.03.

The Bollinger Bands converged and indicated lower levels of volatility. The MACD indicator underwent a bearish crossover, however, a trend reversal seemed very likely in the short term.

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