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Maker Foundation Announces $27.5 Million MKR Sale, Expands DeFi to Asian Market




Maker Foundation Announces $27.5 Million MKR Sale, Expands DeFi to Asian Market

The Maker Foundation, the group behind the decentralized crypto platform MakerDAO, announced today that venture capital funds Dragonfly Capital Partners and Paradigm have acquired $27.5 million worth of MKR. This is approximately 5.5% of the total MKR supply.

As MKR token holders, both investment funds will actively participate in the decentralized governance of the Maker Protocol. This will also support Maker’s efforts to increase adoption in Asia of Dai, its decentralized stablecoin built on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition, Maker will have direct access to both Dragonfly’s and Paradigm’s expertise in the Asian market, increasing the presence of decentralized finance (DeFi) throughout the region. 

Managing partner of Dragonfly Capital, Alexander Pack, told Cointelegraph:

“[MakerDAO] have created a leading DeFi product in crypto, as Dai has become a primary stablecoin for decentralized finance. However, most MKR holders are American venture capitalists. Even though crypto is mainly being used in Asia, MakerDAO needs help expanding their presence in that region.”

Both Dragonfly Capital and Paradigm are global crypto venture funds with a strong presence in the United States and Asia, making them potentially important players to help MakerDAO build out their business and influence. 

The rise of DeFi in Asia

While having prominent investors in Asia with a stake in MKR will help Maker build influence in the region, CEO of the Maker Foundation, Rune Christensen, told Cointelegraph that Asia is key for the growth of DeFi globally, saying, “DeFi has come a long way and Asia is a place where it will grow, just as it has helped with Bitcoin and Ethereum adoption and influence.”

According to Christensen, DeFi is the cutting edge of innovation for the crypto industry, as its value creation exists entirely on the blockchain.

“DeFi is a new generation of products that are entirely transparent, where users can see exact cash flows while achieving greater levels of trust and security that can be audited in real time. DeFi also incorporates the global nature of blockchain and its advantages, making these more efficient systems with lower fees and higher yields,” said Christensen.

And although MakerDAO is just now expanding DeFi to Asia, there have already been significant strides made to drive DeFi adoption in general.

For example, on Nov. 18, MakerDAO launched Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD), which allows new collateral assets to be approved by Maker Governance to back its Dai stablecoin. MCD has since allowed for the new Dai Savings Rate (DSR) feature, letting Dai holders earn savings automatically by locking their Dai into the DSR contract.

While the Dai Savings Rate is an important aspect of the Maker Protocol, Christensen also pointed out that it has led to the integration of the Dai Savings Rate with crypto exchange, OKEx. According to Christensen, this will help drive adoption of DeFi even further, as users of the OKEx platform will be able to directly deposit Dai and stake it in the DSR without leaving the OKEx platform.

“On Dec. 23 OKEx users will be able to take advantage of the DSR. This is the first major roll out of a DeFi product in Asia, which ties nicely into the launch of our multi-collateral Dai,” said Christensen.

Moreover, Christensen pointed out that this shows there is a need and interest to develop DeFin Asia.

“The next step is to use OKEx and this funding round as an example that DeFi is ready and can be used in Asia. We then plan to focus on other areas of growth in regions like South America where Dai is already the leading stablecoin,” said Christensen.

Published at Thu, 19 Dec 2019 13:35:00 +0000


Palantir Now Accepts Bitcoin, Mulling Investment: Report




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VulcanVerse’s Marketplace Volume Triples from $5m to $15m, $20M Giveaway to Follow

Press Release: Newly-launched decentralized gaming platform, VulcanVerse, offers $20m giveaway as volume on its in-game marketplace triples.  11th May 2021, Cardiff, United Kingdom – Decentralized gaming platform, VulcanVerse is launching into the online gaming world, with record growth in users following a successful token sale.  The gaming platform is positioning itself as a pioneer in […]




Press Release: Newly-launched decentralized gaming platform, VulcanVerse, offers $20m giveaway as volume on its in-game marketplace triples. 

11th May 2021, Cardiff, United Kingdom – Decentralized gaming platform, VulcanVerse is launching into the online gaming world, with record growth in users following a successful token sale. 

The gaming platform is positioning itself as a pioneer in NFT-based gaming, an area that has recently seen a huge surge in interest as a result of the wider NFT-mania that permeated the cryptocurrency market earlier this year. VulcanVerse expects to capitalize by converting this newly-found interest in online gaming into increased adoption for its own unique virtual world. 

With that aim, VulcanForged, the project behind VulcanVerse, has made several integrations with other blockchain-based platforms, including Polygon (formerly Matic), to broaden its reach. The team recently completed a sale for the platform’s native token, PYR, aimed at stimulating activity in its in-world marketplace. VulcanVerse wants to establish itself as a leader in decentralized gaming.

VulcanVerse In Demand 

Indeed, both have increased demand for VulcanVerse’s fantasy platform. PYR completed a successful token sale just over three weeks ago which led to a threefold increase in the volume from $5 million to $15 million on the platform’s marketplace, Vulcan Marketplace. The marketplace, which allows users to trade NFTs used in the fantasy game, is now one of the top five NFT marketplaces in the cryptocurrency space as a whole. 

As well as arctic as the native currency for the Vulcan Marketplace, PYR is also a utility token that can be used for staking, fee settlements, DeFi game launchpads, platform pools, and play-to-earn benefits as well as discounts for items on the Vulcan Marketplace. PYR is now available on Uniswap and Quickswap DEX.

In addition to sound economic performance, both for PYR and the platform’s own marketplace, VulcanVerse’s team has been pushing ahead with a number of integrations to sure up the platform’s infrastructure, as well as attract new users. The team has partnered with several leading blockchain platforms, Arkane Network and Polygon. The most recent Polygon partnership sees PYR launched on the Polygon network via an adapted version of the network’s Plasma feature, a layer two solution that aims to fix Ethereum’s scalability issues. The objective is to ensure VulcanVerse’s infrastructure can handle any increased output generated by an expected influx of users as the game expands as well as gain support from more established projects.

In a bid to incentivize even more growth, the VulcanVerse team is conducting a $20m PYR giveaway, the details of which can be found here

Navigating the VulcanVerse

As well as good macro-performance, VulcanVerse’s gaming world is a carefully scripted and rich environment itself. Land is integral to the in-world gameplay, with users able to buy plots of 20×20 square meters to build on or sell later at a higher price. Although new users can explore the universe without owning land, certain features of play are only available to landowners in order to encourage the evolution of the environment through building. 

Each plot of and the tools used to build on land are associated with specific “levels” all themed after Greek mythology. Users unlock these levels in gameplay, with each new level producing higher-value land and a more complex set of building tools.

As well as land, the VulcanVerse hosts NFT-based creatures called Vulcanites. Each Vulcanite is unique, has a tailored lore and set of skills that can be upgraded. They can be used to forage materials, compete for exclusive NFTs during treasure hunts or participate in community-led mini-games and side-quests. To balance world-building and interactivity, they provide benefits for their owners and help them level up but cannot be used to negatively affect others (e.g. they cannot attack players unless it’s part of an event). 

Vulcanites can be traded as 2d game cards on the VulcanMarketplace where users can browse other users’ Vulcanite stats. 

About VulcanVerse

VulcanVerse is a virtual world set in the Greco-Roman era. It is a stand-alone game that uses blockchain technology to enable users to truly own their land and assets. Its detailed lore is written by the authors of Fighting Fantasy, a series of successful single-player role-playing gamebooks created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Additionally, the virtual world boasts complex gaming tools and multiplayer game-playing functionalities. 

VulcanVerse is blockchain-based, with key items in the virtual world existing as NFTs on a purpose-built blockchain. Its virtual world can be accessed via a downloadable application that recently became available on Google’s Play Store. 

The team behind the virtual world consists of a number of veteran online gaming developers and enthusiasts, selected from a wide cross-section of gaming companies including Vulcan Forged, Serv Reality, Spark Labs, and Fabled Lands Ltd.

For more information on how to become part of the VulcanVerse, visit their website here.

VULCANVERSE is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. 

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Introducing CoinWind: Smart Yield Optimizer on BSC and HECO

Singapore, May 10, 2021 – Currently supported on HECO (Huobi Eco-Chain) and BSC (Binance Smart Chain), CoinWind is a smart yield farming platform that automatically matches pledged tokens to maximize all user revenues. In the increasingly competitive landscape of DeFi (decentralized finance) yield farming, CoinWind effectively solves issues of both low revenues from single-token mining […]




Singapore, May 10, 2021 – Currently supported on HECO (Huobi Eco-Chain) and BSC (Binance Smart Chain), CoinWind is a smart yield farming platform that automatically matches pledged tokens to maximize all user revenues.

In the increasingly competitive landscape of DeFi (decentralized finance) yield farming, CoinWind effectively solves issues of both low revenues from single-token mining and high risks from impermanent losses on LP (liquidity pool) mining. Currently the TVL (Total Volume Locked) on the platform is an impressive USD 2.69 Billion.

A Smart Decentralized Finance Management Platform

Positioned as a smart decentralized finance management platform and not simply an aggregator tool, CoinWind focuses on optimizing users’ yields.

The high-yield, safe and reliable platform places tokens deposited by users into the different pools, and mobilizes funds from certain token pools to participate in different liquidity minings, all according to a combination of project selection and mining strategies.

At the same time, this is combined with token price hedging strategies to mitigate impermanent loss in liquidity mining so as to ensure the safety of funds.

The aim is to maximize the rate of returns for users while reducing unpredictable losses.

High Yield Products: Single-Token and LP Farms

Currently launched on HECO and BSC, CoinWind plans to integrate other chains such as ETH and OKT in the future.

According to Musk, Head of CoinWind Community, CoinWind’s competitive edge is in offering low user thresholds and maintaining high yields that work together to attract liquidity providers. In the Chinese DeFi space, the platform is one of the most popular in terms of single-token mining.

Professional project selections include screening audited, popular and relatively stable projects, combined with mining strategies to optimally match up with high-yield pools for highest profit returns as well as hedging strategies to reduce impermanent losses, a frequent concern in yield farming.

CoinWind offers both Single-token (or Single-Asset) mining and LP (liquidity pool) mining opportunities, offering attractive APY (annual percentage yield) with flexible staking.

For single-token mining opportunities, there are currently 16 tokens on HECO and 14 on BSC. Some APY highlights would include MDX token (208.99% on HECO and 305.67% on BSC), USDT (30.08% on HECO and 35.37% on BSC), DOGE (44.85% on HECO), HUSD (33.87% on HECO), UNI (31.44% on HECO), HDMX (140.23% on BSC), BUSD (44.27% on BSC) and WBNB (37.57% on BSC), amongst many others.



For liquidity pool mining opportunities, there are currently 15 pairs on HECO and 15 pairs on BSC. Some APY highlights would include MDX-USDT (215.38% on HECO and 278.73% on BSC), MDX-WHT (207.72% on HECO), MDX-WBNB (376.08% on BSC), MDX-BUSD (402.76% on BSC), MDX-HBTC (191.33% on HECO), MDX-BTCB  (341.53% on BSC), WBNB-USDT (74.79% on BSC) and MDX-ETH (232.58% on HECO), amongst many others.


Automatically Reinvests Profits

CoinWind also does not let the income generated in the LP pool lie idle. Every 5 – 10 minutes, it automatically reinvests the profits into high-yield projects and this process is continuously repeated so that incomes are efficiently used to generate optimal profits and it also saves time for the user who would otherwise have to manually process this.

As of this writing, total user revenues have reached USD 85,578,977.14.

Strong Growth Potential MDX Token as Target Value

CoinWind currently uses the MDX token as the target value, a nod to MDEX, the largest platform on HECO and performing well in the competitive BSC environment. The leading DEX (decentralized exchange) implements a unique strategy of dual mining, combining liquidity and transaction mining. This has led to an explosive growth in its platform trading volumes.

Recognizing the stellar performance and strong growth potential of the MDEX platform, CoinWind’s utilization of the MDX token as a core value of exchange on its platform is yet another astute move.

For more info about CoinWind, visit the official website:

CoinWind official channels:


English Telegram:

Chinese Telegram:


Media Contact

Cecilia Wong,


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FTX Trading Volume Surpassed $400 Billion in April




FTX has become one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges after surpassing $400 billion in trading volume in April.

Last month, the exchange also saw $14 billion in average daily volume, with open interest peaking above $10 billion. This represents 25-fold year-on-year growth compared to April 2020. FTX is also the world’s fastest growing exchange in terms of market share and new products added. It currently has around one million registered users.

FTX’s development

After a three-year stint at the quantitative-trading firm Jane Street Capital, and starting Alameda Research in late 2017, Sam Bankman-Fried started FTX two years ago. The digital-assets trading platform celebrated its two-year anniversary on May 8.

In a statement, Bankman-Friend noted how the firm began by identifying what appeared to be a niche in the market. “We took a look at the state of the world’s crypto exchanges and identified a gap in the marketplace for a reliable and secure platform robust enough to meet the needs of institutional traders and other power users,” he said. “Two years later, FTX has established itself as a leading crypto exchange offering innovative and industry-leading products.”

In one of the largest transactions of last year, the company acquired portfolio tracking app Blockfolio for $150 million. At the time, Bankman-Fried said FTX would not liquidate the company, but committed to making Blockfolio “massively bigger.” FTX also began offering its users a mobile app at the beginning of the year.

FTX Foundation

The announcement also noted the progress of the FTX Foundation, highlighting that Bankman-Fried is a supporter of “effective altruism.” FTX established its foundation in February 2021, with the mandate to direct 1% of FTX fee revenue “to organizations offering the greatest positive impact on the world.” 

Since then, the foundation has donated $730,000 to organizations such as GiveDirectly, Clean Energy Innovation, and Oxygen for India. The foundation earmarked another $7.4 million to charitable endeavors since its inception. However, these funds predominantly came from users of the platform.


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