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MAD Lions take down EG 2-0 to advance in BLAST Fall Showdown

MAD Lions continued their recent run of good form by beating Evil Geniuses 2-0 on Nuke and Dust2 to progress in the BLAST Fall Showdown. In the next round, the European mixture will take on G2 on Saturday at 18:30 .

For Evil Geniuses, it will mean a step back to the drawing board as they continue the poor form that has plagued them this year. They are fortunate to be holding a Legends spot at the Major, meaning they will have plenty of practice time to try and rectify their mistakes before they play in Stockholm.

MAD Lions take down EG 2-0 to advance in BLAST Fall Showdown

Woro2k showed why he is touted as a future star

The first map of Nuke was a relatively close affair, although Evil Geniuses had left themselves with much to do after allowing MAD Lions to rack up seven T-side rounds.

The NA squad managed to keep the second half competitive for a time trading rounds back and forth, but without seizing economic control they never really had a serious chance to take the map.

Moving onto the second map of Dust2, we were again treated to a close battle. Evil Geniuses lost their T side 6-9, but started well on CT to keep the game close, winning six of the first seven to bring it to 12-10 in their favour.

At this point MAD Lions got their T side rolling, in particular finding opening kills repeatedly with Volodymyr “⁠Woro2k⁠” Veletniuk on the AWP, winning six rounds on the bounce to close out the match. MAD Lions had Woro2k to thank for getting the heavy lifting done across the series, the young AWPer posting a 1.41 rating.

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