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lollipop21k set for Nemiga exit after three years with organization

After playing nearly 900 maps for Nemiga between 2018 and 2021, Igor “⁠lollipop21k⁠” Solodkov will depart the domestic organization. The 25-year-old rifler has revealed on Twitter on Sunday that he has benched and transfer-listed himself after not finding a common ground with Nemiga.

“Unfortunately, my and the organization’s views about the future of the team differed,” lollipop21k explained via Twitlonger. “I hope Nemiga will achieve their goals but without me. I wish them the best of luck.”

Where will lollipop21k land?

lollipop21k noted that he will devote himself to media activity, streaming, and enjoying life as he gets ready for the upcoming season.

Losing their longest-standing and highest-rated player (1.15 rating in 2021) spells trouble for Nemiga. The team has shown promise in the latter half of 2020, peaking at no. 21 of the world rankings after a second-place finish in the IEM New York 2020 CIS, but couldn’t reach the same heights this year, spending most of it outside of the top 30.

As the PGL Stockholm Major rolls on and the inevitable post-Major roster shuffle nears, lollipop21k has put himself on the radar as someone looking to leave the Belarusian core behind him for the first time in his career and potentially land a spot on a more ambitious team. Following the announcement, lollipop21k stated that he speaks English and Spanish and is open to playing in European and American teams.

Nemiga are now:

Belarus Anton “⁠boX⁠” Burko
Belarus Aliaksandr “⁠1eeR⁠” Nahorny
Estonia Rassim “⁠Jyo⁠” Valijev
Russia Artem “⁠iDISBALANCE⁠” Egorov

Belarus Igor “⁠lollipop21k⁠” Solodkov (transfer list)

Belarus Yuriy “⁠keep3r⁠” Mikulchik (coach)

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